Get Property Reports Online With Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.

One of the challenges facing the real estate market is title defects. Some of the common defects include having wordings that do not comply with the real estate market standards, missing signatures, presence of previous liens and encumbrances and failure to follow procedures such as in recording and filing. These defects may lead to wrongful foreclosures and end up slowing down process of asset transfer. Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. (NTC) has come up with a new, improved and better way of handling property documents. It will ensure that such defects are avoided and should they occur, rectification is made immediately.

NTC believes that property records play a vital role in ensuring efficiency in asset transfer and reducing the risk of foreclosure. It has therefore updated its website making the online ordering of property reports possible. Their clients can now order documents such as Assignment Verification reports, Current Owner reports , Tax Status reports and Tax Status(Plus) reports. Through automation combined with human verification, NTC can now generate these reports much faster and with higher accuracy than before. NTC fully understands the needs of its clients and through the updated online platform; they can quickly customize property reports with the correct data sets. This minimizes the cases of title defects.

The team at NTC tracks and ensures satisfaction of all document requirements in over 3600 jurisdictions for the county. NTC aims at providing the services that are highly accurate to protect homeowners, assist the residential mortgage and banking industry and also preserve the nation’s land records. The company has been recognized for its great efforts and was awarded the Tampa Bay Times Top 100 Workplace Designation five times, including in 2016. In 2013, for the second consecutive year, it won the Inc. Hire Power Award. It was also ranked at position 3801 on the 500/500 fastest growing companies in America in 2015.

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 1991 and has its headquarters in Palm Harbor, Florida. It is a leading research, audit and document- processing service provider that servers the residential mortgage industry. It specializes in research of land records, lien release services, assignment services, property reports, final document processing, document retrieval and abstractor services. Its clients include lenders, servicers and investors in the mortgage industry. Eight of the top 10 servicers for residential mortgages in the United States are its clients.

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