Oncotarget Accelerates the Dissemination of Information on Oncology

Oncotarget’s editor-in-chief, Dr. Faris Farassati, announced that Oncotarget will henceforth publish the bio-medical journal twice a week. The increase in Oncotarget’s publication frequency arises from the ever-growing importance, interest, and impact the newsletter has among the researchers on all topics related to oncology. With the twice-weekly Oncotarget releases, Oncotarget will have several sub-sections on issues beyond cancerous tumors.

OncoTargets and Cancer Therapy

Oncotarget publishers also plan to provide crucial scientific information by accepting more research papers. By having two journals per week, Oncotarget will close the gap between the discovery of new research findings related to cancer and the dissemination of the news. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at facebook.com.

A press statement from Oncotarget on 22nd September 2017 reaffirmed that the journal will continue to publish pertinent primary science research papers. Further, Oncotarget reiterated the commitment to maintain high-quality editorial practices consistent with the management’s long-term ethical guidelines.

“We will consistently follow our ethical principles and safeguard Oncotarget’s reputation as an important research journal in the oncology community,” the statement from Oncotarget said.

Read: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2017-10/cg-e-s101817.php

International Peer-Review Cancer Journal

Oncotarget is a global peer-review publication that focuses on the pathology of all types of cancers. The journal is a crucial platform helping the medical fraternity and researchers to discuss potential cancer therapies, treatment protocols, and the methods to care for cancer patients. Typically, Oncotarget discusses the effects of cancer management programs as well as any newly discovered therapeutic agents that improve the quality of life among the people living with cancerous tumors.

New Cancer Therapies

Recently, Oncotarget reviewed the immune checkpoint inhibitors that oncologists use to treat stage four non-small-cell lung cancer. In the review, Oncotarget revealed that cancer patients whose host immune system recognize tumors have higher survival rates. The cure for cancer lies in stimulating the patient’s immune system to help detect and eliminate timorous cells.

Oncotarget editors encourage the contributing authors to interrogate the evidence of the emerging cancer treatment strategies. Healthcare professionals, patients, or researchers who want to find out any new oncology terminologies and the acceptability of newly developed cancer drugs will find Oncotarget quite helpful. Learn more at Research Gate.