Oren Frank, Using Talk Space To Help People

Talkspace is a start-up which gives therapy with a video. It has two services: you can talk to a therapist on an online chat video for $79 a week, or message a professional of mental health for $49. This is a service that is usually for employers. Talkspace has been around for five years. And the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace, Oren Frank reported to CNBC that this start-up of his now has 1 million people using it. According to Oren Frank, Talkspace is getting huge amounts of funds in revenue.

On cnbc.com, CNBC reported that Talkspace has hired a chief medical officer to aid its users with their therapy. And it is Neil Leibowitz, a former medical director of United Health. Leibowitz was brought into the staff of Talkspace in April, when they were building their business into an enterprise. With Leibowitz’s help, the physicians of Talkspace will able to prescribe the right medications to those that need it. More Business News at Haaretz.com

Because of the federal and state regulations, the independent psychiatrists will have to use a video tool to issue out the medicines. Oren Frank is really hoping that Leibowitz joining Talkspace will boost up the revenue.

On his Twitter Profile, Oren Frank has been posting and re-tweeting some real good topics. Topics that will improve people’s way of living. On November 29, 2018; Frank posted a tweet about the many issues that teenagers are dealing with like stress and being alone. Therefore, Talkspace will be providing a certain type of service for teenagers to help them deal with those topics. And on December 3, 2018: Frank also tweeted that he wants to help get people off of social media. Because a study said that people are addicted to posting multiple selfies and it’s causing them to become narcissists.

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