Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt and The Meriwether Group

Sawyer Howitt joined The Meriwether Group team in 2015 and he’s a 2017 senior at Lincoln High School and racquetball player. He joined as a business strategy analyst at the Portland Oregon based company. The company focuses on brand building for entrepreneurs and Howitt has used his skills for small startup businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Though, in January 2017 Sawyer was promoted to project manager at the company using his technical skills with RFID checking implementation and retail technology solutions. The RFID checking implementation is a type of technology Sawyer Howitt came up with to help retail businesses. He now concentrates on improving retail technology to help retail businesses with their consumers and branding.

The Meriwether Group assists entrepreneurs with business acceleration, funding companies with equity or debt and exit strategy support. They help with company branding and growth and can strengthen the brand by identifying the correct consumers to focus on and the best way to deliver your message. The Group can help to optimize business profits, strategize and execute the initiatives. The company helps businesses grow, strengthen trademarks and help to increase the business profits.

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David Howitt is the founder of the Meriwether Group with more than 20 years in the product development, business strategy, and branding for startup and Fortune 500 companies. David Howitt is the father of Sawyer Howitt who joined the now twelve person team. The father and son are experts in advising and guiding business owners and executives to succeed in taking their business to the next level.






Samuel Strauch Is A Reputable Real Estate Investor

Are you in need of reliable real estate investing help? Looking for a professional who has amassed a fortune in the real estate investing field? If you want to make a nice steady income in your own business, consider real estate investing.

As a Real Estate Investor, you will purchase low, renovate and rent out the property. This is not the only way to approach this business but it is one of the most common ways beginners take. By renting out properties, you can be sure of steady monthly income.

Another types of real estate transaction or investing is known as flipping. Investors of this kind find a property that needs work and purchase it. They restore the property and then sell it at a profit.

Fortunes have been amassed in this lucrative industry and you can join the ranks of individuals who are smart enough to identify the huge opportunity that this industry offers.

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Before you get started you will need to ensure that you have a good understanding of the industry. You will want to consult a success real estate investor like Samuel Strauch who can guide you properly and help you succeed.

Samuel Strauch has been rendering outstanding advice and help to ambitious individuals who want to start in real estate. Samuel Strauch works with clients who understand that it takes hard work and perseverance to achieve great success in any endeavor, including real estate.

Make sure you the knowledge you need to operate this type of real estate business. When you work with Samuel Strauch, you will be pleased with his transparency, professionalism and passion for helping people. You will be given the motivation you need to keep on pursuing your goal, and you will eventually be successful.

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Why Lori Senecal is a Role Model for Women in Business

Lori Senecal’s appointment as CP+B’s global CEO in 2015 was seen as a major stride by the company towards ensuring that women hold senior corporate positions. At that time, it was a newly created position. Lori’s task was to oversee the company’s global business growth and expansion, overseeing operations at eight international offices. If recent developments at the firm are anything to go by, Lori has exceeded expectations by far.

Lori has distinguished herself not only for her business talent and transformational skills, but also her dedication towards streamlining business operations at CP+B. Her success at the firm is mainly attributed to the fact that she is a seasonal corporate executive and management specialist. Lori has particularly made a name for herself by being a pioneer in the incorporation of technology in business. She equally advocates for invention and innovation. Her appointment to the lucrative position not only highlights her prominence in the corporate world but also the company’s ambition.

Taking Stock of the Achievements

Looking back, Lori asserts that working at CP+B has been a fulfilling experience since it has given her the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals at the agency. This has helped her formulate growth strategies that have greatly benefitted the agency’s global growth plans. She looks forward to developing more strategic partnerships that will help CP+B become a more globally recognized brand.

Lori Senecal in Brief

Throughout her career, Senecal has played a prominent role in the creation of cutting-edge business strategies for blue chip brands such as BMW, Coca-Cola, and Nestle. At CP+B her corporate star has shone even brighter since she has helped strengthen the agency’s corporate culture. This has transformed CP+B into an agile, inventive, and collaborative agency which has the ability of meeting the mandates of its local and international clients. To achieve this, Lori alongside her team has mainly focused on identifying and nurturing talent.Lori’s success at CP+B saw her named among agency executives to watch in the advertising industry. Her stint at the agency has also coincided with its mention among creativity innovators of the year. Ms. Senecal has previously worked at McCann Erickson, a New York based agency, and Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal. Throughout her impressive career, she has received notable awards due to her immeasurable contribution towards the advertising industry. She has also served as the Isaac Awards’ jury chair. The awards honor invention within the advertising industry. Her success story makes her a role model for women in business.

Todd Lubar: TDL Global Ventures President Shares His Thoughts

After working for 20 years in the credit and finance sector, Todd Lubar realized that his vision was to assist others towards fulfilling their life dreams. He, therefore, sought to design ways of eliminating most of the widespread barriers that typically hinder people from accessing the much needed financial help and loans. This is what prompted his decision into setting Legendary Financial, LLC.

Todd Lubar’s Motivators

It is his conviction that you can have the greatest business ideas but if you lack the will, your ideas will come to naught. He says that his past real estate experience inspired him to engage in mortgage banking leading to his TDL Global Ventures. Todd likes to keep himself hyper organized and updated on every aspect of his ventures because he believes this is what helps him in making more informed decisions.

His Typical Day

Generally, Todd’s day starts off with a cup of coffee and family breakfast. He then scrolls through the news and checks email prior to having a quick physical workout before heading to his office. According to him, being on top of the latest news affecting his industry helps in putting the day into perspective, and greatly in prioritizing. A workout each morning helps in having a clear head-start and energizes Todd for the day ahead.

Advice to Others

His advice on Tumblr to other people is to get up, work till no more energy is left and then put in some more work. To build a successful business demands hard work and everything in your arsenal. While what you are doing may appear mundane and repetitive, Todd advises that it is vital to constantly keep on reminding yourself about the bigger picture and your goals.

About Todd Lubar

Todd began a career in real estate after graduating with speech communication bachelor’s degree in 1995 from Syracuse University. Currently, Todd Lubar is the TDL Global Ventures, LLC President, and also serves as Legendary Investments Senior Vice-President. His previous engagements include Legacy Financial group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. According to patch.com, he has recently ventured into another industry focused primarily on assisting those in need. Todd has 2 children and they all reside in Bethesda Maryland.

Check out his website: http://www.toddlubar.com/

Eric Lefkofsky’s Latest Project, Tempus, Innovating Cancer Care

The type of technological creativity that has drastically changed our daily lives in recent decades is now being used to personalize cancer treatment. A new company called Tempus, created by Groupon founder Eric Lefkofsky, is helping healthcare institutions collect and organize data on cancer patients. The intention is to create a database of patient history, treatment process, and outcomes, something that until now has only existed in isolated pockets and was mostly inaccessible to physicians during patient care. Analysis of this data should help predict patterns in patient response to treatment. Doctors can use this information in real time while planning treatment options.

At the University of Chicago, one of several major hospitals involved, 1000 breast cancer patients are currently being studied. Although breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancers, data on past cases has not been compiled in a meaningful way to help inform current treatment options. Tempus is collecting information from these patients and helping to organize it into a useful predictive database. Doctors at the University of Chicago say they are excited to be part of this innovative effort.Based out of Chicago, Tempus was unveiled in 2016.

It was established by Erik Lefkofsky, founder of Groupon and head of many other successful businesses including Lightbank, Uptake Technologies, and Mediaocean. He created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a private charitable organization, and serves on the board of several organizations in Chicago.Lefkofsky has pointed to the lack of communication between institutions and the lag of technological advancement in medical facilities as culprits in the lack of a database for cancer care. He commends Obama’s prioritization of cancer research as a positive step. He encourages people in the field to work together toward creating an “Operating System for cancer” that overcomes past barriers.

Evolution Of Smooth Is Changing How We Think Of Lip Balm

The Un-Examined Industry

Evolution of Smooth has changed the way people think about lip balm for good. Before, many people simply didn’t believe that lip balm was a particularly profitable or worthwhile market. It wasn’t simply a fluke that gave her the ability to generate the enormous profits that have allowed Evolution of Smooth to become the Lip balm company that it is today. There some skeptical of Evolution Of Smooth and the idea that a lip balm brand marketed towards women could succeed. It turns out those people were wrong.

What Helped Them Succeed

Evolution of Smooth achieved its success by directing its sales towards a specific market. Many people did not believe this was a good idea, marketing on Facebook towards women, and some thought it would cause their lip balm to tank. However, just the opposite happened. More people enjoy Evolution of Smooth than ever before. You can find this product just about anywhere you look now. In fact, EOS lip balm is now selling hundreds of thousands of cases a week and generating millions of dollars. The brand took off and it has no come back to Earth ever since.

What The Future Will Bring

The future looks fairly bright for Evolution of Smooth, https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html. They are offering a product with a fairly strong fan base attached to it. This has allowed them to branch out and pursue other products such as lotions and shaving creams. The future has nowhere to go but up for Evolution of Smooth, but that isn’t the most amazing thing about this brand. What is amazing is that this brand has managed to capture the hearts of so many young people around the world and has created an entirely new way to think about the lip balm market and who buys their products.

Entrepreneur- Hussain Sajwani

He is a prominent businessman recognized not only in his home country but internationally. Hussain Sajwani is an entrepreneur based in the Dubai United Emirates. Hussain was born and raised in Dubai, and as a little boy, he was so much involved in his father’s business where he was selling watches.

After his High School graduation, Sajwani had to further his studies, and he joined the University of Washington where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Economics and Industrial Engineering. Mr. Hussian returned to his home country where he began his career serving as a contract manager at GASCO an affiliate company of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

Hussain Sajwani is a very hardworking and a jack of all trades. After a short while, he resigned from GASCO and established his business focusing on the hospitality and catering industry. His beginnings were very humble, but with determination and his go-getter spirit, Hussain business thrived to higher heights. The catering business has been expanding, and now it is a leader in the industry delivering it services and products all over the world.

Some of their esteemed clients include education institutions, 5-star hotels which are located onshore and offshore, construction campsites, and army camps. Since its foundation, the catering facility has been expanding, and currently, it distributes its services to other nations including Africa, the Middle East, and CIS, managing more than 20 projects and serving more than 150000 people on a daily basis. Learn more about DAMAC owner: http://www.celebfamily.com/entrepreneur/hussain-sajwani-family.html and http://www.hoteliermiddleeast.com/23813-the-rise-and-rise-of-damac/

Hussain is an opportunist who does not let any opportunities slip away from his hands without giving it a try. In 2002 he established DAMAC Properties after noticing the gap that was there in the hospitality sector as well as the construction industry. Hussain saw people were traveling to Dubai to do business and they needed accommodation. With the knowledge and the understanding he has in sales, marketing, finance as well as the legal issues, Sajwani has been leading DAMAC to greater levels.

Recently his DAMAC Properties Company got a unique opportunity to collaborate with other prominent businesspersons in the world including the United States President Donald Trump, and Tiger Woods. Donald and Sajwani are developing one of largest golf clubs and estate in the world. DAMAC and the Donald Trump’s Foundation will be responsible for the development of the project.

DAMAC Properties was also responsible for the development of the Trump International Course in Dubai. The coming together of the two entrepreneurs will also see the improvement of the relationship between Dubai and the United States.]

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Securus Technologies Garners Important Stevie Award for Excellence in Customer Service Training

Securus Technologies is classified as a leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology. The solutions developed by Securus Technologies specifically are designed for investigation, corrections, offender monitoring and public safety.


Securus Technologies announced that it is the proud recipient of the Gold Stevie® Award. Securus Technologies won the award in the Best Customer Service Training Department category. Securus Technologies received the distinction at the 11th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.


Sponsors of the 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service include Sales Partnerships, Inc., and ValueSelling Associates, Inc. The awards were held at the Caesar’s Palace resort in Las Vegas in March. More than 650 executives from countries the world over were on hand for the awards ceremony. This included the CEO of Securus Technologies, who accepted on behalf of the company.


Over 2,300 nominations were received as part of the 2017 awards program. 77 judges vetted the nominations. The judges are all experienced business professionals. There was a 10 percent increase in nominations from 2016 to 2017. The Stevie Awards are among the fastest growing of its kind in the world today. Indeed, the organization maintains an array of different types of award programs around the world.


Factors considered by the judges include a strong commitment by a nominee in identifying problems and developing meaningful team-oriented resolutions. A company should also have a meaningful commitment to the community-at-large, like the commitment of Securus Technologies to public safety.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies serves over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional agencies in North America. The company serves over 1,200,000 inmates in the United States and Canada. Securus Technologies provides important solutions in a number of different areas that include emergency response, public information, investigation, incident management, biometric analysis, information management, communication, inmate self-service, and offender monitoring.

Omar Boraie and Genomic Science

According to Newswise, the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was established at Rutgers University.

Rutgers University now has a new academic chair, and it was named after the prominent real estate developer Omar Boraie. Boraie, who has had an interest in cancer research for many years, made a pledge of supporting the new chair with more than $1.5 million in order to enhance the field of precision medicine. The chair was too part of a program that consisted of other 17 academic chairs. According to Patch, the campaign program, however, would have not been possible without the help of an anonymous individual, who donated about $3 million to each chair.

Thanks to genomic sequencing and precision medicine, physicians have been able to analyze tumors on a genetic level. Thus, through genomic analysis, oncologists can prescribe tailored diagnoses and therapies. Precision medicine, though still quite a new field, has received a lot of attention on behalf of the scientific community. It was even recognized by the then President Barack Obama.

The business magnate, in this case, perhaps focused on Rutgers Cancer Institute because of its genuine concentration on genomic sequencing. For instance, the Cancer Institute of New Jersey was the first facility in its state to apply genomic sequencing as a precision medicine approach. Through genomic sequencing, oncologists, for example, have found better treatments for patients with rare types of cancers. Others have become immune to conventional treatments, and they have also benefited from genomic analysis.

According to Boraie, who also has a rigorous background in chemistry, the scientists and physicians from Rutgers Cancer Institute (http://magazine.rutgers.edu/insights/seeing-the-future) have contributed a lot to the field of precision medicine, and many cancer patients have benefited from their efforts. Boraie also hopes that he has influenced other affluent individuals. The business magnate, after all, was too influenced by the anonymous individual. Robert S. DiPaola, the current director of Rutgers Cancer Institute, thinks that Boraie’s contributions will leave a great legacy. Boraie’s actions will greatly impact cancer research.

The physician-scientist and professor of medicine Shridar Ganesan was nominated for the prestigious chair. According to Ganesan, Boraie’s pledge will bring new understandings in the field of cancer biology, and there will be new hope for cancer patients from all parts of the world. Ganesan also thinks that there is still a lot to learn about tumors. Cancer is rather a collection of diseases, and through genomic analysis, oncologists can create better classification systems.

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Litigator Karl Heideck

Litigator Karl HeideckLitigation is a career in law that involves bringing forward a claim in the form of a lawsuit from the beginning to the end. It brings in the defendants and plaintiffs in a civil case. In litigation, a lot of legal paperwork is filed at the court once the lawsuit commences. The stages that litigation takes are pleading, examination, finding, pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal.

Litigator’s workdays are different depending on whether they are working as sole practitioners at a small or at a large firm. Litigators at big enterprises have different responsibilities based on their level of seniority. As a starter, a litigator does many pieces of research and writes memos. Such a litigator get exposure and is likely to argue or observe while sitting at the gallery. The lawyer may also get the opportunity to discuss in a small claim court or even deal with some clients and opposing attorney.

Karl Heideck works at Grant & EisenhoferTo become a successful litigator, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree and also attend the law school. In Philadelphia, there is a well-known litigator known as Karl Heideck. He is a highly regarded lawyer with a lot of experience in litigation, risk management, and compliance. At present, Karl Heideck works at Grant &Eisenhofer as a Counsel Contract attorney in compliance and risk management. Karl Heideck was working for Pepper Hamilton LLP as the project attorney for the period of between October 2010 and April 2014. He was a top-ranking quality control specialist.

Karl Heideck has also worked with Conrad O’Brien. He was an associate here and got the opportunity to represent corporate as well as individual clients in complex litigation. Karl Heideck schooled at Temple University, James E. Beasley School of Law. He has some skills that include employment law, civil litigation, mediation, commercial litigation, product liability, legal research, arbitration, legal writing, employment law, intellectual property among others.