Bernardo Chua Does Great Things With OrganoGold

Bernardo Chua is someone that I have started to idolize when it comes to entrepreneurship. He has managed to create a brand that people cannot seem to get enough of. There are tons of people that are talking about OrganoGold and just how good this brand is. This is also because of the power of the marketing plan that Bernardo Chua has put forth.

I think that quality speaks and Bernardo Chua chose to use the best quality from the start. That would be the thing that would make his brand stand out. Chua always knew that it would be important to reach a global audience. I can tell that he was thinking big when he decided to put this OrganoGold plan into motion. He could have used traditional forms of advertising and spent millions of dollars, but he didn’t have to. It would be rather easy for him to thrive through network marketing. There was a good chance that people would sing the praises of this coffee and spread the word. Chua believed in his brand that much.

I think that he was making a good decision to build his brand up. He would market to American audiences. He would also build his network in Canada. Chua would win awards for his efforts and continue to build the OrganoGold brand. It is more than coffee right now. It is true that coffee is still the core of the product line, but I have been able to buy OrganoGold tea and skin care products. I think that this was an interesting turn for the brand, but this proves that Bernardo Chua has the power to market well.

I am sure that there is not another brand around that has transitioned from coffee and tea to skin care products and toothpaste. In my opinion this shows some serious ambition from Bernardo Chua. He is the type of guy that has managed to build a brand that you can use for many different aspects of your life. The surprising thing is that he continues to research new ways to improve his products.  Be sure to follow Bernardo on Facebook, as well his Twitter where he goes by the name Bernie.

Marc Sparks’ New Venture Spark Tank

Over the years, Marc Sparks has been known for his entrepreneurial skills. He has ventured into many businesses that he has seen rise to success. His ideology is that people should make money and help others.

Also, he believes in having the various business that will increase income. When one of the businesses fails, energies will be focused on the other business.

However, the primary objective of having various activities is to increase the level of income. Also, people get different experiences and can manage their businesses appropriately, over time.

In his hometown, Marc Sparks has championed for innovation among diploma student. He finances start-ups that seem to be heading for success. In his project, Spark Tank, Marc competitively picks the best ideas and gives them the much-needed training for success.

The candidates are trained on design, marketing, and policy and strategy-making. He does not only give money but also dedicates his time to interact and train the candidates.

His organization and programs have received overwhelming support from the community in his city. Companies have offered to give out experts to train the entrepreneurs in and make them knowledgeable in the various fields.

The most important part of a start-up’s life is the point of funding. In some cases, it is the defining moment. However, the funding will always come with conditions that are unique to the venture capitalist. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

While some demand a share of start-up, others need the assurance that the business will succeed. After the guarantee, they fund your business without any conditions. They will also give advice and help in any place they are called upon to help. Therefore, to qualify for funding from Marc Sparks, pay attention to the following;

Sales data

Revealing appealing sales data is a major step to getting funding. Many venture capitalists that do not require a share of the pie will want to know if the idea has been tried. Also, they are interested in knowing how much has been sold and what is the reaction from the people.

Are there recommendations from the customers? Therefore, always present your sales data as a way to capture the capitalists’ attention. It will move your business closer to the funding.

The nature of the idea

Venture capitalists always want new and exciting ideas. The idea should clearly indicate the market they want to serve and the gap they want to feel in the particular market. Also, they should reveal the niche they have over the competitors.

It is important that you reveal what your idea has to offer and how different is it from whatever is on the market.

How the funds will help

The use of the funds should be well-articulated. Also, the venture capitalists need to know how beneficial the funds are.

What part of the business will you achieve as a result if the funds? Therefore, have an excellent presentation of how the funds will help bring the business to success.

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Spark Tank

Real Estate Industry Expert

An exciting new app has entered the Latin American real estate market – the Davos CAP Calculator. This application will be an asset to users who want to have a smart and efficient way to calculate the return on their real estate investments. For more than twenty years the Davos Real Estate Group has offered sound advice for investors, with a focus on individual and custom expectations developed for each client. The combination of innovative tools within the real estate industry framework helps the Davos Real Estate team of David Osio, Gerard Gonzalez and Pablo Bausili offer an unmatched level of service to each of their clients. The professional experience of this team can be reviewed here:

The app has been a great success so far and the partnership with Tecknolution on the production has received rave industry reviews. Use of the this app allows clients to have help with estimating the returns on a real estate investment once the expenses of the property have been taken into account, as well as having a gauge of the rent associated with the improved property.

Osio matriculated from the Catholic University Andres Bello, in Venezuela, with a degree in International Banking Law and began his professional career in 1981 as the President and CEO of OPED Enterprise. He was in charge of managing the success of the coffee export programs. Later he was an executive with Letco Commercial Companies and was responsible for the marketing of different industrial products in the USA. a few years later, Osio joined the law firm MGO in Caracas where he had responsibility for clients at Ferro Corporation and Consolidated Bank. In less than twenty-four months he was made the VP of Banking Commercial.

For the next twenty years, Osio’s successes have included a huge volume of work with high-level professional clienteles. He started the Davos Financial Group and has grown the company to include locations in Miami, Geneva, New York and Panama. Not only is Osio a corporate leader on a global level but he has deep and generous philanthropic relationships and has contributed so much, on both a professional and personal level. Osio will continue to be a real estate industry expert with a strong sense of industry expertise, integrity and personal responsibility towards his varied clients around the world.

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About David Osio


Exploring Wen By Chaz With Help From The Hair Care Experts At Wen By Chaz

Hair isn’t just the stuff on top people’s head. Hair is also something that people like to work with to help them look and feel better. In our world today, it is important to pay attention to how the hair on a person’s head looks. Hair that looks good can help the person project a professional impression at work and just feel better about themselves. For those who have a great look they want to keep or feel their hair is in need of improvement, they can turn to products on the Sephora beauty market to help them achieve their hair care goals.

One Reporter Weighs In

Trying to figure out which particular products might be right for any given person is not always easy. One reporter stepped into the fray by deciding to try a new line of products called WEN By Chaz. The reporter, writing for Bustle Magazine, talks to her readers about the results she got with her hair when she tried these hair care products on her own tresses for a few days. She shows off the results of her choices to others via a series of photographs that are presented to readers along with the text of the article.

Read the Guthy Renker product review here:

Using Wen By Chaz

Wen By Chaz is a new line of hair products that have come on the market in recent years. These products have been embraced by many users in the United States. They have found the items are worthwhile and offer them the opportunity to have products that help their hair feel better to the touch as well as have more volume and even more shine. Company officials expect to see their product line expand in the future as word of mouth spreads about their products to Amazon consumers who are looking for great new items.

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The Fight For Human Rights With Thor Halvorssen

Everyone in the world knows that human rights are a very big deal, but they might not know about all the people in the world that are fighting for human rights. They might not know that they he opened the Human Rights Foundation, and they probably do not know that he has offices around the world. He is a brilliant man who is willing to use the media to see his mission accomplished, and he is working with many volunteers to push the mission around the world.

The volunteers that he has working for him are on the ground every day helping people, and he wants to be sure that there are real services for the people who are most vulnerable. He also talks to the media to make sure that all the stories of oppressed people are told, and he wants to be sure that every single person who is fighting has a chance to get behind his charity. Thor Halvorssen wants to be sure that he is working with charities around the world that need help, and he also wants to meet with world leaders who need to hear about his mission. He will not allow himself to be silenced, and he makes many appearances on TV shows in the west where he can educate westerners who are not familiar with how bad human rights violations are around the world.

Everyone who wants to learn more about the human rights fight needs to have a look at Thor Halvorssen because he is a crusader with a real plan. He knows that he can help a lot of people when he is fighting against injustice, and he also wants to be sure that he has made a plan for the people of the world to fight against the injustice that they see every day. He knows that he can make a difference, and he wants to stand strong for the oppressed.

More information for Thor Halvorssen:

Jim Hunt and VTA Publications Offer Fast Track to Success

Jim Hunt and VTA Publications have put together a system offering financial success to everyone. It is a well written financial lesson that promises all the benefits of success that are now within the grasp of everyone. Hunt claims to have access to systems that work to produce results.

It is easy to disregard such claims, but many people have learned the secrets to making fortunes in the financial world. George Soros was able to make more that $1 billion in a single investment. Soros respected due to his success writes books on financial and economic matters and lectures on these subjects around the world. He and Jim Hunt may be on the same page, and that page is well worth reading. We know that Soros has reduced his American stock positions by seeing the mandatory SEC filings, required by law, which are reported every fiscal quarter. Hunt and VTA Publications are offering their positions and suggestions in real time.

All an investor can ask for is an edge. Those having MBAs have that edge, and people working for a major investment company with its research facility are provided that edge. The average investor needs all the help he can get. Reading and studying investment strategies are a great help but having a mentor like a George Soros or a Jim Hunt represents a great advantage, an edge. Check out the VTA Publications website; it could be your edge.

Lovaganza Celebrates Multiple Cultures Through Entertainment

Lovaganza is something that is designed to recognize all cultures and celebrate them. As of right now, they are planning a celebration for the year 2020. For one thing, recognizing all cultures is a beautiful thing. Each culture has its own standards for beauty, living and other aspects of culture. Lovaganza is one of the entertainment companies that are willing to bring forth the ideals of cultural diversity. Among the activities it is involved in are motion pictures. There are a few movies that are in the works. Also, the website has a few trailers that are released for some of the upcoming events.

Lovaganza also has a theater room that presents movies. These films are presented in a format known as Innovascope. Concept paintings of the auditorium have been released with a picture of the huge screen and one of the movies being shown on the screen. There are also images of other areas of the establishment which include an art gallery. Lovaganza is going to be one of the largest and most significant events for people of multiple cultures. They will make sure that no culture is left out. Everyone will feel welcome when they visit the event.

Lovaganza also has a nonprofit foundation that is designed to bring forth a greater quality of life to all cultures. Among the ways they plan to do this is with the uniting of kindred foundations throughout the globe. They have to share the same goals that they are working towards. They are trying to achieve a certain milestone by the year 2035 which brings forth a universal quality of life for all children. With the productions that are being made, the impact will be felt throughout the world while the Lovaganza foundation generates income. As the events generate income, the foundation will grow and reach new goals of uniting cultures throughout the globe.

Lovaganza is one foundation that people should look out for. They do more than just request donations. They offer entertainment and other types of products so that they can give the audience a reason to make donations.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

The Doe Deere Marketing Magic Continues to Elevate Lime Crime



If there was ever a time when I can say that marketing a brand online was being done with a high level of efficiency, I would say that it would be right now. I know, without the shadow of a doubt, that Doe Deere is someone that is just waiting for the opportunity to blow her potential customers away with more clever marketing for the Lime Crime brand. She has done this with the Twitter account. She has done this with Instagram. She has a passion for staying connecting with fans of the brand through social media and it shows.

If my memory serves me correctly, the Internet is where I learned of Doe Deere and her over-the-top line of Lime Crime cosmetics. I was actually hanging out at a Halloween party, and I ran into some girls that I knew that were rocking a cool bright shade of lipstick. They said that it was called “squash” and that it was part of this Unicorn makeup collection. It was dazzling to me. It was so incredible that I had to ask where they acquired this brand. That is when they told me about Lime Crime. I Googled the brand right away on my smartphone. I discovered Doe Deere online, and I instantly wanted to know more about her.

I don’t know if everyone discovers Doe Deere in this type of fashion, but I was really thrilled to see what she was doing with the brand. It made me realize that she was a person that believed in connecting with the young generation. She seems to have this type of style that will be embraced by the youth just because she is heavily linked to an alternative style. Doe Deere has a bizarre clothing style, and she is a lightning rod for controversy online. These two elements make people swarm the Internet for photos and articles on the mystery of Doe Deere.

I believe it is cool to have someone like Doe Deere in place to market cosmetics. She makes her world of shopping for makeup fun again. At one point I was rarely wearing lipstick. I was occasionally borrowing lipstick from friends because I didn’t like anything out there enough to commit to buying lipstick. Doe Deere and her marketing magic has changed all of that. She made me see cosmetics as fun again, and I thank her for that.

Check out Doe Deere at or follow her on twitter for more information.


Skout for Poland!

This global network for chatting and meeting new people has just become bigger! Skout developers have worked hard to create this app and have had such an astounding amount of feedback, they decided to expand. More specifically, they decided to expand their app to be available for download in the Polish language.

Founder of Skout, Christian Wiklund says they are excited to make their Polish customer experience that much better by making the app available in their native language.

The Skout app is a free download for IOS and Android phones or items. It was made for people like you to find friends, meet new people, chat with anybody who has the app, and stay in touch with the touch of a button. It’s very much a social app which includes a virtual ‘travel’ segment. In 2015 alone, Skout users traveled more than 16 million virtual journeys!

The Skout app is currently being used in over 150 countries and is available in 22 languages worldwide, Polish being the newest language.

Skout reviewers say this app is one of the most active social networking apps available in the Google Play Store. Their ‘Shake to Chat’ feature that connects you with a random Skouter with the same interests as you is said to be highly addictive! Meeting so many new people and getting a taste of their interests or culture is said to be incredible.

Where some people are concerned about the in app purchases, most say it’s just a great way to have an excuse to invite more friends, download more fun apps and try out new things to earn the credits to make in app purchases!

CFO of Skout, Portia Kersten, when asked what the future is for the Skout app says her prime objective is to continue bringing people together, create relationships and friendships and hopes for continued support from Skout users. She goes on to say in an interview that she recently received phenomenal feedback from Skout Philippines users who all gathered around a local member during a medical emergency. They thanked her for making that experience available to them and she responds by saying examples like that are why she does what she does.

So download the Skout app now and start connecting with your friends via Facebook, Google+, or email login. Chat with strangers, find new friends, create memories or send virtual gifts! Get Skout now.

JustFab’s Amazing New Summer Look

As a fashion enthusiast I’m always looking for new styles and images to look my best. These styles can range from what to wear for winter or what I would love to see myself in for summer. As I am always searching, I stumbled upon JustFab. Being that summer is coming up, I started to look for their summer wear. So far I love what I see.

Upon entering into the site I instantly filled out a quick profile in which they got a feel for my style with 8 questions. After those questions they paired me up with the perfect styles.

I fell in love!

The first thing I noticed as a new buyer is that JustFab offer you a promotional discount, $9.99 for your first buy! They were all summer outfits and shoes! They found me a pair of darker colored flats that are perfect for a night out. It went perfectly with a lighter blue top and bottom piece. It was totally me!! I was actually so excited to see these outfits I started to tell all my friends.

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JustFab – Google+

JustFab Summer Shop

JustFab also had the perfect day to night outfits. Perfect, light wearing outfits for the summer daytime, with a beautiful change to a perfect night out style! You don’t have to change if you don’t want to.

Warning! JustFab is addicting and with their stunning summertime deals, you will be buying articles of clothing before you know it. Everything is at such a great price but don’t just take my word for it. Log onto the site yourself and create your free profile and look at the perfect offers they have! Source:

If you are a true lover of fashion and love great deals there is no reason you won’t find yourself absolutely OBSESSED with JustFab. I mean they are just fabulous! Okay fellow fashion bloggers, until next time! I’ll be back with more of the best fashion cloths and styles!