Chris Burch Built Paradise And Named It Nihiwatu

Chris Burch took a cult surf destination and transformed it into a five star resort in 2015. The resort is located on Sumba and he named it Nihiwatu. This is one of the most uninhabited and remote islands in Indonesia. The resort has been extremely beneficial to the people of the island and it is thriving. Nihiwatu was voted as the #1 hotel in 2016 and 2017 by the people who read Travel + Leisure magazine. Sumba is double the size of Bali at just over 4,000 square miles with a population of roughly 600,000.

Once Chris Burch discovered the island and saw the incredible beauty he knew he had to expand the resort. Chris contacted his friend James McBride the hotelier who had an immediate affinity with the island. He though the island had the same feel as Africa due to the simple villages and tribal cultures. The pristine beach runs for a mile and a half, the vegetation is lush and privacy is assured. The two men decided they would purchase the resort (

This purchase was the start of an investment for $30 million and major upgrades. The resort was designed to attract upscale travelers from across the globe. Nihiwatu currently encompasses 700 acres although Chris Burch is always acquiring more. Every time he visits this paradise he has the desire to build something new. The resort has thirty luxurious villas. Each one has woven reed floors, thatched roofs and basins carved from stone. The additional accommodations include the five villa estate called Raja Mandaka located at the center of the resort. The accommodations offer majestic coastline views, breathtaking cultural and architectural details and maximum seclusion.

Chris Burch also considered the adventure lovers. He constructed the Mamole Tree House with three conjoining but separate villas. This surrounds the trunk of a tree and provides an amazing nature immersion. The Haweri estate was originally built in 1989 as the private residence of the founders. Chris Burch rebuilt and redesigned the estate for friends and families wanting absolute privacy. The villa has three bedrooms and an incredible view of a secret bay. The entire focus of the design is organic, natural and local. It is all about fresh air, food from the earth and sea and natural cottons. The visitors respond to the escape from life, the lack of tourism, the preserved and untouched nature and the luxury. Nihiwatu is an exquisite success.

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Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Score Additional Funding, Unicorn Status.

Things are going well for one of Chicago’s hottest tech-based start-up companies, Tempus. Tempus recently achieved Unicorn status after it received an additional $80 million in funding through a string of private investments. These investments pushed Tempus’ total fundraising efforts to north of $210 million over the past three years. Tempus was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, a Chicago-based tech entrepreneur, with the intention of helping to change the way that cancer care is approached in the medical field. Tempus is attempting to do several important things in the coming years, so let’s take a moment to see where the company is heading and how they plan to get there.

What Tempus is, essentially, could be described as a data-driven database that seeks to streamline and improve the approach to cancer care in medical facilities throughout the country. Tempus seeks to digitize data pertaining to patients currently undergoing cancer care while also cataloging older information. The goal here is to have as much information as possible available at any given time for medical professionals, patients and family members to access. With a more efficient way to access data, medical professionals will stand a better chance to identify key trends in the treatment process. By identifying these trends, medical professionals might be more effective in developing a plan of care for their patients.

Right now, Tempus is valued at more than $1.1 billion and their growth is something that is projected to continue going forward. This valuation put Tempus into the Unicorn status that we listed above and it is a prestigious spot that many Chicago-based startups can only dream to get to. While the funding has been there, Tempus has been focusing on improving their growing roster. Tempus is projecting to add nearly 30 employees to their roster every month from here on out as the company focuses on expanding into their new and important role.

The newest round of investor success showed that Eric Lefkofsky was right to attempt to make Tempus a reality. After seeing the cancer-care process up close, through a personal relationship, Lefkofsky realized that there was real room for improvement within the system.

Ronald Fowlkes: Giving Back to Community Through Mentorship

For a decade Ronald Fowlkes has worked with Eagle Industries Unlimited as a manager tasked with client acquisition. St Louis, Missouri resident, prides in his understanding of his tools of the trade, his skill in the tactical gear – what Eagle Industries Unlimited deals with – and his know-how in law enforcement. Ronald Fowlkes’ comprehension of law enforcement came from his time working as a Marine where he worked with many law enforcement offices, and over time got to learn what drives them and how they think. With this awareness, Ronald Fowlkes can direct those in search of Law enforcement equipment with ease. Moreover, he is a great communicator and even a better listener.

Ronald Fowlkes’ time in the military and the police made him understand the value of family. So when a chance presented itself for him to be close to his son – a player with St. Louis Blues Triple-A – while serving his community and giving back to it, he could not resist. At St. Louis Blues Triple-A hockey team he was a mentor and in charge of equipment. Better yet was the chance to blend his enthusiasm for hockey and mentorship.

Owing to his military background, it’s quite understandable that in his training model Ronald Fowlkes is a hardcore trainer. However, he also understands that as human beings we are limited. So he places it in himself the responsibility to study each player individually. To understand the strengths and weaknesses of each and with that can predict with ease the need of each player.

Ronald Fowlkes hold a favorable view on mentorship. This is a view that mentorship is a chance for both the mentor and the mentee to learn mutually from each other. In that view, he uses his life experiences and tales on his wins and some of the losses to point them not to give up. The mentorship program is also has given the players an avenue for them to open up, be vulnerable and share their frustrations and worries. Ronald Fowlkes then uses his experience to guide them in the disappointment and in them instilling a sense of optimism and motivation. Ronald Fowlkes is continuously looking for ways to challenge the kids and pushing them to be better versions of themselves. This is obviously working as the team is a maverick in local tournaments and has persistently improved its ranking in the nation like a giant in the sport and put competitors on the watch out. Their current national standing in the hockey charts is the 27th position.


Louis Chênevert Understands Success

The former Chief Executive Officer and chairman of United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chênevert, was elected to these positions in April 2008 and January 2010, respectively. Prior to his positions at United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chênevert held the position of a director at United Technologies since the year 2006. At the company Pratt and Whitney, Louis Chênevert held the position of president beginning in April 1999 until his positions at United Technologies Corporation. In November of 2014, Louis Chênevert retired from United Technologies Corporation.

After his time with United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chênevert became part of Goldman Sach’s Merchant Banking Division where he served as the Senior Industry Advisor until 2017. He currently serves at Cargill Inc. on the Board of Directors and the Business Council as a member.

United Technologies as a global company whose executives understand the needs of the customers. At United Technologies Corporation, there was a strong focus on making sure they had the right team whose engineering skills could meet the customers’ needs while making a profit. It was very important to maintain small teams along with the right leadership to make these important products.

Louis Chênevert believes it’s very important to make sure that you have the right team to complete the task at hand. He recommends that every entrepreneur makes this a top priority in their business. Not only does Louis Chênevert believe in meeting the customer’s expectations, he believes in absolutely delighting them with the outcome. He makes sure people get rewarded for taking the risks needed to advance.

In his teams, it’s important to find problems as early as possible and Louis Chênevert believes those people should be rewarded. The ability to find and then fix these issues quickly and efficiently is very important in order for entrepreneurs to build their businesses. In order to achieve success, your whole team needs to be capable of it as well. In order to achieve and maintain success, according to Louis Chênevert, you need to surround yourself with success and winners.

A List of the Highest Rated Hotels Near The Fagail’I Airport, Because You Deserve It

There is a nice city, which is the capital of Samoa, called, Apia. Have you heard of it? Beautiful beaches on an island of 85 degree weather all year long, tropical animals, jungles and a rich Samoan culture of dancing, faith and foods? Well, if you haven’t heard of this city, you should really visit it.

You will be glad that you did. It is fun for the entire family and one of the highest rated vacation spots in the world according to If you decide to choose Apia for your next vacation spot, you will need a hotel to stay in. Below you’ll find a list and details on the top rated hotels that are just within five miles from the Fagali’I Airport. Fagali’I Airport is a small airport.

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A List of the Highest Rated Hotels Near the Fagail’I Airport, Because You Deserve It:
Travelers Point Hotel:
• Starts at $74 per night.
• Here, you can get a view of the mountain.
• All rooms includes air conditioning with a flat screen television.
• Includes an airport shuttle.
• Outdoor pool.
• Children under two stays free.
• Eleven miles from Maninoa Beach.
• Just under four miles from Papaseea Sliding Rocks.
• Free parking.
• Available brunch and dinner.

Taumeasina Island Resort:
• Starts at $225 per night.
• Air conditioning in every rooms with a flat screen television.
• Includes a private shuttle.
• Tennis courts, sauna, golf course and fitness center.
• A mile away from Palolo Deep Marine Reserve.
• Just under one mile from the Pacific Jewel Gift Shop and Gallery.
• Free parking.
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner available.

Tanoa Tusitala Hotel:
• Starts at $121 per night.
• Includes a playground.
• Free Wifi.
• Air Conditioning.
• Flat screen television.
• Includes an airport shuttle.
• Outdoor pool, tennis courts and fitness.
• Children under twelve stay free when using existing beds.
• Under a mile from the Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral.
• Under a mile from Club X.
• Free parking.

Ulalei Lodge:
• Starts at $48 per night.
• Includes a playground.
• Air conditioning.
• Flat screen television.
• Airport shuttle.
• Golf course, beach and snorkeling.
• Children under six are only charged an additional 11 USD per night for an extra bed.
• Under a mile from Mount Silisili.
• Under a mile from the Marina Strip.
• Free parking.
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner available.

Insel Fehmarn Hotel:
• Starts at $65 per night.
• Includes a playground.
• Free Wifi.
• Air Conditioning.
• Television.
• Includes an airport shuttle.
• Outdoor pool and tennis courts.
• Under a mile from Lynn’s grocery store.
• Under a mile from Kush Vegan Cafe.
• Free parking.
• Breakfast available.

These five hotels near the Fagali’I airport should serve you very well. If they are not what you’re looking for, you can also check other highly rated hotels as well: Hotel Millenia Samoa, Apia Central Hotel and Orator Hotel. Have fun!

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The Growth of Talkspace for Mental Health

Talkspace is growing in a major way, and more people are getting connected as more certified therapists learn about this type of app. People that work in traditional therapy have taken a look at this and counted it to be a very interesting challenge that has made them get on board and sign up. They have become inclined to know more about how people are getting this type of therapy and this brings more certified professionals to the table.

The developers of Talkspace have raised as much as 30 million in funding so there is room to hire a plethora of certified professionals that are able to help with all that is going on with the needs of people that are trying to get help.

One thing that people tend to notice about Talkspace is that it is an open platform that helps people that may need someone to talk to if they are considering things like suicide or if they are going through depression.

Mental illness is a big issue that goes untreated, but more people may be willing to open up and talk if they can start with a platform like the one that is presented by Talkspace. This is why this app deserves a sizable amount of recognition. It brings about a whole new perspective when it comes to the way that people handle the problems that they are going to encounter on a daily basis. It is always difficult to go through these things alone so with getting help through apps like Talkspace it is something that many people can benefit from.

This is very empowering for those that may have lost their way. If they do not have any friends that they can confide in text therapy, and this may be the next best solution for those that need help.

Sahm Adrangi Of Kerrisdale Capital Issues Warning Against Proteostasis Claims

Technology is always advancing, especially in the field of medicine as new cures and treatments are always in the works. Unfortunately, like any other business out there, things are not always what they seem. This looks like the case for a Biotech company that has introduced a new medical treatment for patients to fight cystic fibrosis. Kerrisdale Capital has issued a negative report on said Biotech company with the backing of Sahm Adrangi, Kerrisdale Founder, and CEO. As a leading investment company and one of the most reputable investors in the country, Sahm Adrangi is often heard about and listen to for his insight.

Proteostasis is the Biotech company that Sahm Adrangi is currently calling into question, as he doesn’t believe their medical research was thorough and even reviewed to the maximum extent. Kerrisdale managed to get a closer look into the biotech company and has determined that their research and claims have not be done on an adequate sample sizing since they only had four patients for testing. What Sahm found was that during the trial period for their testing, these four patients experience severe drops in their overall lung performance. With such a small sample size and data that looks sloppy and certainly not finished, Kerrisdale is calling Proteostasis claims into question.

Sahm Adrangi has invested in many companies over the course of his career and to tremendous success because of his insight and deep research protocols. Before investing in a company or letting others know a company is safe, Sahm takes the time to truly dig into a company. This is how he found Proteostasis’s supposed breakthrough was actually much less than what it seemed at the surface. According to the report from Kerrisdale, there are no results to be found through the biotech company’s data. Also, should the biotech company’s drug fail to work, they stand to lose virtually all of their assets, so the desire to produce profits is extremely high. After the initial Kerrisdale report on Proteostasis, the biotech company’s share value fell more than 15 percent.

OSI Industries; Becoming a Top Food Company

OSI Group is a meat processing firm that is found in Aurora, Illinois. The firm was founded by a German Immigrant, Otto Kolschowski, in the year 1909. At the time, it was just a neighborhood meet market that had a reputation for offering high-quality meat. The company grew fast when it began to supply McDonald’s franchise with meat patties. The firm now has more than 20,000 employees and has branches in various countries. They provide meat patties, fish, poultry, hot dogs, pizza, and vegetable products to the firms that are involved in the food service. It has been listed as number 58 in America’s most significant private firms by Forbes.

Being among the top 100 food companies in America was not just by chance. The firm has a reputation for providing high-quality meat products. This firm is grounded on the principle of putting their consumers first. They also use teamwork and innovative ideas to deal with the challenges that they face every day. They have a quality team, and all the workers understand that they are part of a more prominent group. Each of these employees is encouraged to use their skills and is offered equal opportunities. Every member of the employment of OSI Industries is treated as a member of the family.

OSI Industries continues to grow and expand. The firm announced in 2016, on their acquisition of Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is an established food service supplier in the UK. They did not disclose the amount of this transaction. This acquisition has enabled OSI Industries to increase the presence they have in Europe. The products and brands that Flagship Europe has also complement the processing strengths that OSI Group currently has. The company will even manage to serve the evolving needs best that their clients have.

In addition to this, OSI Industries has acquired BAHO Foods and Tyson Food Plant. Doing this has helped the firm to expand to new domestic and foreign markets. They are also able to offer additional and better employment opportunities in various areas. OSI Group now has more than 65 facilities that are found in 17 countries across the globe. Apart from the facilities that are around the world, the company also has several plants in the United States. Some of these plants are located in Oakland, California, Fort Atkinson, Chicago, West Jordan, Geneva, and Utah. The firm produces co-pack brands and private label foods at these facilities.

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From Drug Development To Pharmaceutical Market: Dr. Clay Siegall

There are truly some brilliant-minded individuals in society now days. These brilliant-minded individuals span across multiple industries and genres. Cancer research is no exception to the rule, and it hosts one of the very best professionals in this field of work. Clay Siegall, Ph.D., is the driving-force behind Seattle Genetics. This scientist/doctor has taken a tiny startup business and has turned it into a giant for drug development. Seattle Genetics is one of the leaders when it comes to cancer research. The company is very large thanks to its estimated 900 employees. By having so much success in the topic at hand, Seattle Genetics will be looking to add an additional 200 employees in the near future.

Seattle Genetics’ market value has risen to a whopping $10 billion. Its stock has more than doubled in only a matter of a few years, and it has huge ambitions to transform from biotech to pharma. This means that the company is ready to play in the big leagues. Thanks to Dr. Siegall, Seattle Genetics has the foundation, the infrastructure and the willpower to meet its end-goal. The company now has a office in Switzerland, and this office will be used for international marketing. No longer will Dr. Siegall continue to sell the rights for many of his company’s premier drugs. He also helps Seattle Genetics by raising hundreds of millions of dollars via public and private fundraising.

This magnificent company earns income from many other services such as from production partnerships, from the selling of its proprietary drugs and from the licensing of its technologies. Bigger and better things are on the way for this 20-yar-old company and Dr. Clay Siegall will be controlling it all.

Clayton Hutson – article recap

As an event organizer for the music industry, Clay Hutson takes pride in being able to put on shows that are memorable for all of the right reasons. That may be why his own company rose to the top, while the recession was putting other similar companies out of business. In fact, it was the recession that prompted Clay to try his own business and he has never looked back.

Mr. Hutson says he gained his education through practical experience, working for other event production companies for several years. Each one of those previous positions taught him something valuable and he took those tools and skills with him, when he launched his own business. Those past experiences have even helped Clay hone his visualization skills, so he can imagine what he wants to get out of each event ahead of time.

Once he has a clear idea about the look, sounds, and feel for the event he’s planning, Hutson uses his CAD skills to bring the experience to life in a more visual way. This helps his team to see what he has in mind and it aids him in seeing what needs adjusting or correcting. In the end, it’s Clay’s business, so he wants to ensure every event is something that can fill him with pride and satisfaction.

Looking at his industry as a whole, Mr. Hutson says he’s excited about tech advances in general, but is happy that lighting has changed. He says it’s nice to be able to supply the same type of lighting with less equipment and with equipment that’s less bulky. Additionally, he says he hopes to see artists stop relying on video. Clay would rather see more artists like Lady Gaga, who do more on stage, as far as actual performing. He’ll be happier to see video projections on stage become a passing trend.

Even before he started working in the field, Clay Hutson knew he wanted to be involved with live performances of some kind. He earned his BFA in theater design and technical production from Central Michigan University, before attending University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business. While there, he earned his MBA, which has helped him in his entrepreneurial endeavor. Learn more:

Clay has been the production manager for Getagrip Touring for the past 19 years and, since 2001, he has also been the vice president in charge of production for Ronin Event Creative. Mr. Hutson has also served as the production manager on tours for Prince and Jennifer Nettles. Today, he also organizes events for some of rock music’s biggest artists, including Kid Rock and Garbage.