William Saito: Fearless Inventor, Tireless Entrepreneur

William Saito is a cyber security expert and frequent contributor to Forbes. In the August 8, 2017 issue, Mr. Saito discusses ways to prevent the consequences of ransomware. Proper implementation of cyber security at the organizational level depends on the ability of corporate leadership to effectively detect cyber threats and to prevent them from escalating. Encouraging employees to communicate openly and to remain connected to electronic networks will ensure that vulnerabilities are detected early and that remedies are proactively applied. By automating and integrating security into the workplace, corporations can ensure that their electronic systems remain resilient and user friendly.

Mr. Saito demonstrated his programming skills while still in elementary school and founded his first company while in high school. At that time, he learned to disassemble and reassemble a computer, leading to a life-long passion for learning the mechanics of software and its inner functioning. Years later, his growing proficiency with programming languages led to an internship at Merrill-Lynch, where he built mathematical models of the company’s stock offerings.

While in college, Mr. Saito established I/O Software, a company that focused on creating authentication tools, and developed internet connection software with companies such as Datastorm Technologies and NEC. The growing success of I/O Software allowed William and his co-founders to establish the first company office in Rancho Cucamonga, and to eventually pioneer fingerprint recognition software. For this innovation, William Salto was named the Ernst & Young 1997 Entrepreneur of the Year.

The founders of I/O software eventually became encryption experts, adding this skill to their arsenal of cyber security tools, before selling the company to Microsoft in the early 2000s. In addition to his authoring multiple articles and a major book about cyber security, William Saito has advised several governments across the globe on matters related to computer security.

EU is a great trading partner for Japan: William Saito

In town for Interpol World 2017, William Saito, special adviser to Japan’s cabinet, talks about the Japan-EU trade deal and the third arrow in Abenomics.

OSI Food Solutions Continues Healthy Expansion

OSI Food Solutions is a leading American meat processing company. Since 1903 OSI Food Solutions has consistently provided quality products within the food industry, and the future looks bright for this company. OSI Food Solutions produces a myriad of quality products including, bacon, fish, pork, hot dogs, and meat patties.

In 2016 OSI Food Solutions won the coveted Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. The award was based on the company’s excellent record of environmental management within the food products industry. OSI Food Solutions was one of only eighteen companies worldwide that was recognized with this prestigious award.

2016 was a major year for OSI Food Solutions. In addition to winning the Globe of Honour, OSI Food Solutions significantly expanded its operations in 2016. In the United States, the company purchased a former Tyson Plant in Chicago, Illinois, for approximately 7.4 million dollars. The new plant includes nearly 200,000 square feet of factory space and will allow for OSI food Solutions to greatly expanded its production infrastructure in the United States. Furthermore, the new factory will bring in a number of badly needed jobs to the South Side of Chicago. In Europe the company acquired Flagship Europe in 2016, which will allow OSI to expand its production operations in Europe. Finally, OSI also obtained a controlling interest in Baho Food located in the Netherlands.

With its continued expansion OSI Food Solutions has a number of employment opportunities for job seekers around the globe. OSI is currently looking for employees in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The expansion in the past few years has created jobs ranging from entry level to managerial positions. The company is currently searching for employees in a variety of locations ranging from Riverside, California to Chicago, Illinois. It is clear that with continued healthy expansion that OSI Food Solutions will continue to be a leading food company both in the United States and around the world.

The Academy of Art University: Helping Students Affect Global Culture

There’s more attention being paid to the Academy of Art University because of the general interest that many of their alumni are drawing to themselves. One of the most famous alarm at this time is going to be Jan Philip Cramer. By contrast to his fellow students, the work that Cramer is doing is at the top of his field. He graduated with a degree in animation and now serves as the head of the animation department for the company Digital Domain. This work has helped him secure a position as a supervisor on the exceptional movie Avengers: Infinity War. This is his most famous project to date and the one of which he has the most authority, acting as a supervisor. With such extreme amount of success Cramer has been sure to credit the Academy of Art University for their unique level of education that helps him define himself as the professional, he is today.

The Academy of Art University has been around for many years having been founded in 1929. The original intent of the art University was to draw students in and give them an arts education. People came from all over the country to obtain education and acting, art, directing, and other mediums of creative expression. They started with less than 2000 students at the beginning of their growth. And now have expanded to more than 12,000. This exponential growth has allowed them to touch countless lives and provide an exceptional background for students to obtain degrees in subjects that they have displayed an enormous amount of passion in.

Professionals like Cramer help inspire students to push for the things that they want. There are students within the Academy of Art University who want to be directors and animators. They want to redefine their field and maybe create their own type of art. They are the most creative in society and help contribute to the overall aesthetic beauty that is rampant throughout society. The work that they continue to do in the University will contribute to the future. Graduates will hopefully be credited with contributing exceptional work to the global culture.

Richard Dwayne Blair: His Discovery on Business Success

Wealth Solutions has helped many people in Austin, Texas, on business and investment matters. One thing that goes out clear is that any company doing great things in a community has a strong and gifted leader behind it. Richard Dwayne Blair happens to be the owner, and also the founder of this great Texas-based company. Through Wealth Solutions, Richard has managed to change the lives of his community people and his clients as well. He believes in creating a positive impact in any place he goes, and through any company or foundation he starts.

Richard has run this Investment Advisory firm for over 20 years now. When it comes to wealth management, Richard is the man to consult. He has crafted numerous wealth management strategies in this industry, and this has made him a business icon. He has more than five specialties in this industry. He knows how to analyze the investment industry and then decide the strategy his clients should use. The name Richard Dwayne Blair has given to his strategy is “Three Pillars.” He uses this strategy in most of the financial decisions he makes.

Before someone invests in any industry, Richard believes their abilities and financial stability should be assessed. He says a good financial planning strategy could only be designed once the financial background has been assessed. In his first pillar, Richard Dwayne Blair assesses whether the client would tolerate the risk involved, and if their goals and strengths would match the opportunity available.

Richard always has the client’s specific needs in mind when designing the second pillar. He has been in the research field for a long time, and this has helped him to develop some great attributes. He first analyzes the investment or project to be done and finds out which capital would be best for it. His third pillar is all about implementing the developed strategy. Although the clients eventually achieve their goals, Richard Dwayne advises them to be wise while executing any investment plan. The investment plan should not only be put into action, but it should also be compared with other goals and monitored closely.


Malcolm CasSelle Uses WAX to Move Cryptocurrency Into the Future

The world of cryptocurrency is getting bigger and bigger. Many still do not understand the value or importance of virtual assets, but those that do are pushing the technology forward to new heights. One such individual is Malcolm CasSelle.

CasSelle is a entrepreneur and investor who has dealt in digital markets for decades. He began with the formation of his first company NetNoir back in ’95, and has since moved on to various others. At present he is the CIO of OPSkins, a top-level in-game asset seller, as well as the foremost bitcoin merchant in the world. Recently, he has put on another hat, as the President and CEO of WAX.

WAX, or Worldwide Asset eXchange, is a player to player network that operates in decentralized markets. It uses blockchain technology to allow cross game sales and trade. The platform is CasSelle’s most recent foray into the digital asset market. CasSelle is an early stage investor in Facebook, Zynga, and Bitcoin. His involvement with cryptocurrency led OPSkins to become the largest Bitcoin merchant around. Now he plans to change the face of the digital asset market with WAX.

Blockchains allow transactions to be free of both fragmentation and fraud in decentralized markets. It does this by creating smart lists of data, data that acts as reference logs for operator’s validity. Using this lists buyers and sellers are put into guilds, and rated on their dependability. This allows digital assets and currency to be traded or sold between players across the games involved in the network.

WAX also uses tokenization to create digital markers for assets, assigning value to such assets. This takes away fragmentation by making everything in the market the same value. No matter the currency involved, tokens take the place of physical value, so sellers and buyers can conduct business and get the exact real tender for their various regions.

WAX is the next step in the evolution of cryptocurrency. With experts predicting that blockchains will digitize traditional banking, WAX may very well be the catalyst that pushes everything forward. CasSelle believes it does, and he is investing early.


Rodrigo Terpins’ Exclusive Love for the Adrenaline Rush

Sports are highly embraced in almost all the states in the world. With different categories and styles, every type of sport has a group of fanatics that support it with enthusiasm. Brazil happens to be amongst the countries with an immense passion for sports. Though it is a rare type of sports, the rally sports is very much endorsed by the South American state. For that reason, it produces numerous and great rally drivers as compared to any other state in the world. For instance, Rodrigo Terpins is one of the biggest icons in the brazilin rally industry.




The incredible rally driver came to limelight for his participation in the Sertoes rally. Besides, he has performed in numerous rallies across the city in which he has performed well. As a young boy, Rodrigo Terpins loved the rally competitions with enthusiasm. This made him grow with the interest of joining the industry as his profession. Not only can that express his love for sports, but also his family that is made of sportsmen. To begin with, Rodrigo’s father was a basketball player in his early years. His brother, Michael Terpins, is, however, a well known rally driver in Brazil. For more details visit Crunchbase.




Prior to joining the car rally, Rodrigo Terpins was much into the bike race. It was until his brother Michael introduced him to the cars when he switched to his side. Since then, Rodrigo, and Michael worked together and participated in the numerous rallies in Brazil. Rodrigo and his co-partner Fabricio were among the participants of the 22nd Sertoes rally. They emerged number three in the category, therefore, being ranked the eighth overall over thirty-eight teams that participated.




Rodrigo Terpins




Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver with numerous rally titles. The son of Latin American Jewish Council president belongs to a team Bull Sertoes rally team. The team was, however, a joint idea with his brother Michal Terpins and several other rally drivers.




According to Rodrigo Terpins, discussion matters a lot especial in regards to matters of investment returns. He states that the procedures must be as effective and inexpensive as possible to enable great returns. Rodrigo ensures he is well connected and updated with world matters. This way he believes that he can be able to make good decisions concerning his career.

Taking Action is Changing the World

Avaaz is one of the most powerful activists in network. One of the founders is Ricken Patel who is the President and CEO. Avaaz has recently launched in January 2007 and promotes topics such as climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty and conflict. Such topics are the most leading causes of world-wide conflict. Avaaz provides opportunity for bringing people together to hear their voice and start making decisions worldwide to establish campaigns at local, national and international levels. Many petitions are made and action is being taken! Marches has brought people together to show the world that public and political act is possible to save humanity and world wide conflicts. One of the action taken in 2015 was the “Climate Change” regarding the beginning of the End of Fossil Fuels in which a great march of over 1.5 millions marched and brought a wake up call for politicians. Currently, another political action is currently taking place and that is “The Miracle recovery Plan for our Planet” where 15,000 scientists issued a warning to humanity. The truth is that ocean species are at risk of extinct at 1000 times the natural rate due to the pollution that theses species in the ocean life face everyday. This is a world wide opportunity to spread concern and protection and stop ocean life from becoming deceased. Avaaz has been helping so many people and animals gain their rights and provide hope. We can’t forget January 12, 2010 when an earthquake striked Haiti bringing devastation to many families and children. Avaaz was able to fight and gained 450,000 signatures along with Avaaz members that donated over $1.3 million for relief and recovery in Haiti that included food, shelter and medical care. In Avaaz we can change the world and lend a helping hand and more

Louis Chenevert great accomplishments at UTC

Louis Chenevert took over the role of CEO at UTC in 2008 and maintained the position until 2014, when he retired from the company. However, in the six years that he was at the helm of the company, he made big changes in the management of the firm and in effect led to great development. The share value of the UTC tripled indicating that the business was performing well in the years that he was in the position. Louis Chenevert achieved great results because he knew where the company needed to be strengthened. He invested heavily in technological innovations and research and at the end getting great result. He did not just look at technology that was coming from outside the company, he invested in research which made UTC come up with innovations that were bot being used somewhere else.


Louis Chenevert says that his focus was on improving operational talent and technology. These two were the most import things in the business. He was determined of making the company produce the best products that exceeded the expectations of the customer. He did not want to do things in what people were used to. He wanted uniqueness which would only come through making research a core value in the company. With research, the company was assured that it would continue making profits over and over.


Louis Chenevert ensured that the company was reviewing its operations to determine whether they were on track to achieve the goals they had set to accomplish. This is the approach that he applied in management and which helped the company make some very good results. He will always be remembered in the history of the company as the CEO who laid the right foundation for the company to grow. He identified areas that were the most important for the success of the business and that way he managed to grow it thoroughly.


Louis Chenevert accomplished his goals at UTC and is now not involved in active management of businesses. He is an adviser to Goldman Sachs. His experience with UTC has given him exposure on a lot of the things that happening the financial industry.


Jeunesse Growth and Success

Jeunesse is a thriving company that offers health and beauty products. The health industry is booming with new companies offering the latest health products. Jeunesse provides a different approach to living a healthy lifestyle. The company provides healthy shakes for customers to drink throughout the day. These shakes have natural and healthy ingredients. Numerous customers have lost weight by using these products as meal replacements throughout the day.


Start of Jeunesse


Although Jeunesse sells products in numerous countries, the company has only been operating for a decade. The first few years of the company’s existence were tough. The founder of Jeunesse thought about closing the business down. However, the company eventually started having financial success and was able to develop more innovative products.




Jeunesse is a unique company because it does not spend a lot of money on traditional advertising. Instead, the company provides discounts to customers who talk about the products on social media. Not only does this strategy save the company money, but it is also a valid form of marketing. Many customers love talking about using the health or beauty products purchased from Jeunesse.


Product Development


Jeunesse has a strong team of people who develop new products for customers to use. Product innovation is critical to the growth plans of the business. Many customers enjoy using new products each month.




Sustainability is an integral part of the manufacturing process for Jeunesse. Unlike many large companies, Jeunesse tries to make a positive impact on the environment as much as possible. The company uses reputable factories to produce products. Although the company could find factories with lower costs, using sustainable manufacturing methods is more important to the leadership team.


Although Jeunesse has experienced substantial growth over the past decade, the company has even more ambitious goals for the future.



Market America Celebrates its First Regional Convention in the UK

Market America has always taken an active role in the success it shares with its affiliate members. This is evident in the number of events the company holds every year to showcase new product lines, celebrate successes and discuss future growth. Most recently, this company celebrated its first ever regional convention in the United Kingdom. Referred to as the company’s Market UK, the response the leadership team received at this first convention showed how on fire this country’s affiliate members are about their Shopping Annuity.

As with the other regional and annual conventions held by Market America, this one also featured several prominent members of the company’s leadership team, including the company’s V.P. of Sales Jim Winkler. Along with Market America’s V.P. Andrew Weissman, the two presented audience members with information about the advancements and new technologies being incorporated into the company. The event took place over the course of two days, where guests were honored with a variety of informational presentations inside the prestigious Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

This inaugural event was held as a way of connecting the UK’s Market America Unfranchise owners with the people who head the company. It also provided a platform through which these company heads could personally address their UK branch with information pertaining to moving forward in a manner that would allow for increased growth potential in all areas of their product sales. Prior to the event, UK affiliate members were encouraged to get their business partners and potential prospects to attend the convention as well. The first Market UK regional convention was such a hit that the company began posting blog comments and photos they received from those individuals who attended.

The comments from the people who attended this event centered around the teamwork and positive energy provided by the leaders at Market America. This company’s leadership team let their affiliate members know it was a privilege to be part of this inaugural event. They also went the extra mile by giving recognition once again to all of the Unfranchise owners who attained new levels of success with their businesses.