Dondero Leadership Strategies in Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Nicknamed Jim, Dondero reside in Dallas TX, United States. He is the strategic leader of Highland Investment, currently overseeing operation and investment strategies for both institutional and retail products. The experience of Jim in the field of credit market span for more than 3 decades and entails recognition as the original pioneer of the Collateralized Loan Obligation, CLO.

James educational background dates backs in the 90s where Jim developed his career in the University of Virginia, United States pursuing Bachelor of Science in Commerce, specializing on Accounting and Finance. This made him a Certified Management Accountant (CM), earning himself the privilege to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation

Before co-founding Highland Capital Investment, Dondero was a chief investment officer (CIO) for Protective Life Insurance subsidiary, overseeing the growth and development of the business from start-up to a $2 billion investment within a period of 6 years. Prior to Protective Life Insurance, Dondero managed roughly $1 billion in fixed income funds in a different company, American Express.

In additional to serving Highland Capital, Jim serves as a member of the board of directors for both American Banknote and MGM Studios. He is the chairman of the board of directors for Cornerstone Healthcare, NextBank and CCS Medical Investment.

James Dondero is recognized for his strategic management skills on funds having received various awards and accolades throughout his management career, including the Lipper Award for Floating rates Opportunities in FY 2014, the Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation in 2014 as well as the Morningstar’s #1 ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund in the same year.

Highland Capital is the largest investment ever managed by Dondero. It is currently an SEC registered firm, which together with its affiliates, own approximately $15 billion of assets under management. The firm specializes in Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO), credit strategies including long-only funds, credit hedge funds and separate accounts as well as distressed and special situations private equities, making it the largest and most proficient global alternative credit manager.

The company also offers alternative investments including short/long equities, natural resources and emerging markets. The company has even diversified its operations into focusing on public pension plans, endowments, fund of funds, foundations, corporations, financial institutions and high net-worth individuals.

The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas where the co-founder James was born but it maintain other offices in New York, Seol, Singapore and Sao Paulo.

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Athleisure Fashions Are Increasing In Popularity

If you’re a fan of casual style, but still want to look polished from time to time, athleisure is likely a fashion trend you’ll want to follow. A number of clothing companies are debuting pieces that are made of comfortable material, but are appropriate for a day at the office of a night out with friends.

Actress Kate Hudson has recently added the titles businesswoman and clothing designer to her name, and she’s on board with the athleisure trend as well. She’s the co-founder, spokesperson and model for Fabletics, which offers workout wear for women. Fabletics is also offering athleisure wear, so you’ll feel completely at ease when you’re out for a dressy event.

Hudson states that the dresses are ideal for active women who have busy schedules who often have to attend after-work events. She even shares that the dresses in the athleisure line are great for date night. After all, everyone likes to feel comfortable on a date without having to worry about their clothes not fitting properly.

While the dresses are exactly for working out, they are made from the same material as Fabletic’s workout gear. So, you’ll feel a little more at ease if you have a walk a few blocks to hail a cab. The best part about the athleisure dresses is that Spanx or form-fitting undergarments are not required.

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Colorful Makeup Abounds With Doe Deere


Lime Crime is a makeup line that is the brainchild of Doe Deere. She is from Russia and has an eye for colors, some that are a little bolder than what many would typically find on the face or the hands. Doe understands that women want to be different in the way that they look and that each woman is unique in her own right.

The makeup line that has been created is one that is often known as being for unicorns because of the bright colors. From fingernail polish to eye shadow, there is a little bit of everything to try. One of the popular items is the Unicorn Lipstick. It comes in bold shades, such as bright pink, red and even blue. This is a lipstick that has a lot of pigments, which is what makes it brighter on the lips. You will often see the products that Doe has designed on social media sites and Instagram. There are also many videos on how to apply the makeup and Doe’s thoughts on how that makeup should be worn with the wardrobe.

Another item that many people enjoy wearing is the Perlee. This has more of a metallic look, giving a shine to the lips, similar to what you would find with a gloss. Most of the colors that you will find are in shades of pink, but there are a few shades of purple and blue. For more of a satin feel on the lips, consider Velvetines. These come in more colors, such as blue, green and orange. This product makes it feel like you have rose petals on the lips because it has a satin touch.

Doe Deere is a woman who started with a small idea. She quickly rose to fame when women saw the unique colors that she offered with makeup. Her business began in 2004 when she started advertising on eBay.

One of the ways that Doe made sure everyone knew how the makeup looked was to wear it herself. All of the products that she has created are safe and not tested on animals. She desires to help women succeed in any business that they set their mind in doing.

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Vestey Group Awarded $100 Million In Arbitration Panel Ruling

The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes has awarded the Vestey Group, a British livestock organization, $100 million, resulting from a 2005 nationalization of its property as reported on this facebook post.
Former Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez ordered the seizure of Vesey’s cattle ranch’s as a way of repopulating desolate regions of the country. Eleven years later, Vestey’s complaint was heard before an intentional arbitration panel, and found in their favor, according to a Linked In news report. Counsel for the Venezuelan government, Diego Brian Gosis, stated the government is weighing its options, and will appeal the award.

United Kingdom-based Vestey Group is an international food processing and packaging organization that has operated in Venezuela since the early 1900’s. It has cattle ranch operations worldwide and has engaged in government land rights disputes before.

With the land seizure, Chávez distributed land parcels to farmers, hoping they would cultivate the land, harvesting arable fruits, and vegetables. His grand vision was a failure, as persistent flooding in the lowland regions prevented crops from being harvested. Critics like Jose Manuel, at the time of the Chávez plan, pointed out the parcels were in a swampland, and only good for cattle grazing fields. Pending an appeal, the cattle ranch land remains in possession of the Venezuelan government.

Financial Plan From Madison Street Capital

Creating a financial plan is an important step for a business’s success. Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that has experienced team of finance professionals who are able to create a plan that is suitable for any business – big or small. This service is offered by the company apart from its other products and service such as underwriting, capital management, investment and trading, asset administration, mergers and acquisitions.

A good financial plan is where all the details are included pertaining to where the firm is expected to go and how it will get there. The financial plan estimates the fund needed to run the business for its expansion as well as sustaining the business. Along with the market analysis, this plan is a critical component that a business needs that Madison Street Capital is able to provide. So, what really goes into a financial plan? A plan like this contains information about the amount of financing that is needed to make the business feasible. It contains information about when the financing should be made available in order to run the business smoothly. Also required are data such as what form of financing will be needed and who will provide the required fund.

Madison Street Capital’s financial plan is based on short-term as well as long-term financial needs of its clients. This plan has elements particularly those that are related to paying back loans or fund if necessary. Generating a convincing financial plan is the goal of the experts here. The factors are included to determine the success of failure of the operation. It is therefore necessary to understand the financial side of the business through Madison Street Capital and the ability of the business to transform itself from a vague idea to a sound financial game plan. The plan should also create statements and include cash flow analysis to determine what costs are fixed and what are considered as ongoing operations costs.

Although some firms may think that financial plan is all about numbers, the truth is it is more than just providing the basis for making financial decisions about the business. This also means a plan must include how many employees to hire and what equipment and assets would make sense for the long term operations of the business. One plan has to be streamlined with the rest of the departments as well. The business should have a more comprehensive plan that accommodates every possibility of growth across various departments or areas of the business. Madison Street Capital is the firm to seek advice in these matters. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, this firm has offices all over the world including in countries in Asia and Africa.

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Guide On How To Successfully Work With Others

In this world, there is nothing that you can do alone. Even in the most personal responsibilities, you will always find out that someone else comes in a particular way. It has also been proved that in order to easily get want you want, you must be ready to get assistance from others. As a human being, you are not perfect in every field. You will find out that your weakness is someone’s else strength and your strength is someone’s else weakness. Thus, we compliment each other. This means that by working with other people around you, you will be able to get better and improve yourself. But the biggest determinant of how far we get when working with other people is how you relate to them. Good interpersonal relationship is a skill that will help you accumulate those around you and focus on their contributions towards the general success.

When working with other people, you have to understand that as humans, each of us believes they are better than the other person. That means that you believe you are better than the other people around you, and they too believe they are better than you in one way or the other. This means that in case you identify someone’s else weakness, do not approach or correct them harshly. You should make this person understand that the way they are doing something isn’t wrong but if they did it your way it would be better.

Also, try to understand the reasons why this particular person chose to do their things in a particular way and not in the other way. Maybe just maybe when you get to understand them you will find out that their method is better than what you are suggesting. You should also be ready to accept corrections. It’s not wise to expect other people to listen to you when you actually don’t listen to them.

VTA Publications is a UK based online content developer and event organizer. This firm has majored in the production of academic and informative online content for the business sector. This firms material cover economics and finance among other major business topics.

VTA Publications has been in the online business information development field for a long time. The firm has diversified its services to include offering business advice to entrepreneurs and business students. As an event organizer, VTA Publications organizes motivation talks that cover the business sector and its operations.

Darius Fisher Makes a Difference for Online Companies

When it comes to Darius Fisher, he knows how to get the job done correct. He is President and Co-Founder of Status Labs, an online company dedicated to protecting the online presence of millions of companies around the world. Oftentimes we hear negative stories in the news. These negative stories can become a burden for major corporate companies and can ruin their reputation. At Status Labs, staff members work hard to change that negative reputation into a positive one. They do so by changing up the topics of the stories into relevant content, which pushes back the negative content to the back of the search engines. When people search for things on Google or Yahoo search, the first page is the most important as that is where the newest stories are located.


Darius Fisher says, “It’s important to remember there are two sides to every story and that typically the most negative and salacious headline ends up on the top page of a client’s search results.” Indeed this is true and it needs to stop. Companies work hard to put their name out there, and while everyone isn’t going to like them, people are going to see the negative comments first rather than seeing the good of the company. It is almost like cyber bullying in a way. It is important to change your passwords frequently to avoid scammers getting hold of your personal account.


Darius Fisher graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University. He worked as a political consultant and copywriter before co-founding Status Labs. As President, he created the strategic vision of the company, Status Labs, which has offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paolo. Fisher built partnerships with agencies, and recruited their domestic and international sales and account management teams. Today, Status Labs serves over 1,500 clients in over 35 different countries. Darius Fisher had the right idea when it comes to protecting the identity and overall well-being of clients and their company’s online presence. Companies can rest assured that Status Labs will do whatever it takes to make client’s websites a more positive one.

Sanjay Shah: The Real McCoy

Recently, the brilliant entrepreneur, Sanjay Shah, founder of Solo Capital and Autism Rocks appeared on the appropriately titled Entrepreneur Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. Hosted by Eric Dye, the program functions as a service dedicated to any and all business related advice, thus providing a wealth of information and inspiration for established and aspiring entrepreneurs around the planet. During the podcast, the enigmatic and utterly brilliant Sanjay Shah discussed his career in great detail, the founding of Solo Capital, while offering indispensable advice to aspiring business owners. Furthermore, Shah expounded upon his motivation behind the creation of Autism Rocks, and shared listeners with details regarding the upcoming charity concert sponsored by Autism Rocks.

Born in the United Kingdom to immigrant parents, Sanjay Shah initially wanted to pursue a career in medicine. Later, he turned to accounting, while pursuing his interest in music, a passion he shared with many of his friends. As he grew older, Shah started working for a wide range of various investment banking firms. Later, in the early aughts he decided to start a firm of his own. The rest is history.

The ever respectable Shah established himself after founding the international boutique brokerage firm Solo Capital Markets, a financial service based out of London, England. The company primarily focuses on consulting, sports investing, and proprietary trading. The business is also known Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited, and as of 2015 had a net worth of nearly fifteen and a half million pounds. Additionally, their combined assets figured around nearly sixty-eight million in conjunction with a cash flow of over thirty million. Sanjay Shah owns a multitude of other companies in the British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, Dubai, and Malta, among others. Solo Capital Partners is overseen by Solo Group Holdings, of which Sanjay Shah is the CEO. He is an inspiration to ambitious people operating in a number of different sectors. Sanjay Shah is the real deal. He is the epitome of not only a successful businessman, but a good human being dedicated to helping others advance, while providing help to society’s most vulnerable people.

Talk Fusion and Bob Reina Make a Global Offer

Bob Reina and High Ethical Business Practices
Bob Reina is the Founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion. This company was established in the year 2007. Mr. Reina practices high ethical business standards. He is a former police officer who believes in upholding high standards in everything that he does.

30 Day Free Trial Launched
With much enthusiasm, Talk Fusion has launched their 30 day free trial in over 140 countries and nine languages. This global effort will enable any prospective customer to take the opportunity to experience Talk Fusion and their Video Marketing Solution. This can be done instantly. This is a risk-free trial that is available for 30 days. Discover how communication can be more effective while increasing marketing efforts.

Sign Up and Gain Access
Once a user has signed up for the free trial, you can gain complete access to the following:
* Video Email
* Video Newsletters
* Live Meetings
* Sign-up forms
* 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award-Winning Video Chat
Each and every Free Trial Users will have the opportunity to view the numerous advantages of the many powerful marketing tools. You will only need you name and email address to sign up for this. Go to and sign up.

Proven Effectiveness
The corporate team at Talk Fusion is excited to give prospective customers a clear picture and understanding of video marketing. This trial will provide first hand experience to those who take the opportunity to try it. Talk Fusion has a dedication to changing lives and helping to grow businesses. This is accomplished through patent-pending video technology.

Video Marketing Solutions
Talk Fusion provides superior video marketing solutions. Innovative products are marketed on a person-to-person basis. This is done by independent Associates in over 140 countries.

Bob Reina Believes in Changing Lives
Bob Reina believes that every person has the ability to change their lives. He attended the University of South Florida. Reina inspires others to charge ahead with change. He is an individual who stays ahead with innovation.

How to Nail The Girlie-Girl Style

For every self-proclaimed girlie-girl, PopSugar has you covered with the latest fashion news on what to wear. In their article “No Girlie Girl Will Be Able to Resist These Sweet Wardrobe Essentials,” Samantha Sutton lays out 15 must haves to keep on hand.

Not only is Sutton right, but her opinions on what to wear are spot on. Even though athleisure on Pinterest is all the rage right now, women who lean more toward lace, bows, and ruffles can’t go wrong either. Embracing the girlie-girl style is nothing to be ashamed about! Especially with some of the picks that Sutton listed.

For the fashionistas out there, here is a quick list of Sutton suggested:

1. The Party Dress
2. Diamond studs
3. A Necktie Top
4. Ruffled Skirt
5. Classic Watch
6. Canvas Sneakers
7. Cat-Eye Sunglasses
8. An Everyday Dress
9. Glamorous Pair of Heels
10. Pastel-Colored Pea Coat
11. Bow Flats
12. Midi Skirt
13. Structured Bag
14. A Strand of Pearls
15. A Satin Clutch

Like all fashion, those on a budget can adjust accordingly. All of the items that Sutton mentioned can be found just about anywhere and things like diamond studs can be substituted for realistic knock-offs. Even better, most of the items she listed are very in right now and are easier to find than ever.

Online shopping is also giving local stores some serious competition when it comes to killer deals. Sites like JustFab on instagram specialize on trendsetting styles in the fashion world. An online subscription fashion retailer, JustFab usually sports commercials about their shoes, but they offer so much more.

From Apparel, bags, and yes, shoes too, JustFab has it all when it comes to staying ahead of the fashion curve no matter what style. But for girlie-girls, they are perfect. Right now JustFab has an even more killer deal for new members, offering a buy one get one free for two new styles at only $39.95.

Being a girlie-girl can be embraced and celebrated with serious style, and with a few new updates to a wardrobe, any girl can look up to date and cute as can be with a few new additions from Sutton’s list.