Ways FullCycle Energy Fund’s COO, Sam Tabar is Helping to Clean the Environment and Transform Energy Source

FullCycle Energy Fund partnered with Synova to create economical energy power plants to assist with cleaning up the environment and reduce prices for energy consumption, reported by Waste-to-Energy Environment News on March 2nd, 2015. Synova plays an important part in the endeavors to replace existing coal fueled power plants with clean and cost efficient Waste-to Energy plant models. The company owns the patent for the models and is working with Sam Tabar, the Chief Operation Officer and Ibrahim AlHusseini, General Partner of the FullCycle Energy Fund. About.me indicates Tabar is responsible for operations of the power plants in regions and communities. The goal of the General Partner is to build plants that are easily accessible and affordable for businesses and residents.

Waste-to-Energy power plants will reduce waste, eliminate over pricing, and create private entities to provide electricity and offer reasonable prices. AlHusseini is confident the plants will eventually become economical by improving design and scaling economies. He also believes the market for the power models will create competitiveness with traditional coal generated plants. Such competitiveness is good for the economy in particular regions because prices are challenged among competitors, resulting in lower costs. The ultimate objective of the entire project is to attract people to the energy models and force coal fuel plants to become an energy source of the past.

Sam Tabar professional career is very broad in various areas, including capital law, hedge fund counseling, and investment. Tabar earned legal degrees from Oxford University and Columbia Law School. He specialized in capital market laws and found employment with Skadden Limited Liability Partnership, SPARX Group Company, and Schulte Roth & Zabel. While working with the companies he held positions, including Associate, Managing Director, and Hedge Fund Counselor. He built a career in New York City as one the top influential business lawyers and hedge fund strategists.

The FullCycle Energy Fund was organized in 2013 to finance the Waste-to-Energy project and transform the way energy source is generated. FullCycle will own power plants and work with Synova to improve the environment by replacing coal fueled power plants with new innovation energy technology. The COO, General Partner, and Synova will team together to jumpstart the project in needed regions across the globe. FullCycle Energy is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Sam Tabar because of his legal, managerial, and investment experience. Tabar accepted the executive position as Chief Operation Officer in the beginning of 2016.

Doe Deere Reveals Why She Feels Fashion Should Not Be Governed By Strict Rules

The LimeCrime brand established by Doe Deere has always been one of those pushing the boundaries of the traditional rules of fashion, particularly under the leadership of founder Doe Deere. The founder of the LimeCrime brand has recently been explaining just why she believes the fashion industry needs to loosen its grip on the rules it has been standing behind for a number of years; Deere believes everybody should dress and use cosmetics in a way that makes them feel good about themselves, and are not used simply to fit in to how society believes we should all look.

Doe Deere herself has not taken the easy route to success after completing her own education in fashion in New York City. The fashion expert of Russian ancestry decided she wished to start her own line as soon as she had completed her education, which led to Doe Deere forming the LimeCrime to market her own range of high quality individual designs. LimeCrime shifted its focus after the self described Queen of the Unicorns looked to market her products using cosmetics highlighting her whimsical and thought provoking designs; unable to find bold colors Deere began making her own cosmetics and found their popularity an important factor in developing the cosmetics brand of cruelty free products.

Even as a cosmetics designer Doe Deere rarely sticks to the rules laid down by the fashion industry and instead looks to develop her own ways of marketing the products she assists in the creation of on a daily basis. After attending sessions in the LimeCrime lab each day the founder of the company keeps a tight grip on the marketing of her products; Deere is a well known social media user and blogger, both of which form the basis of her marketing campaigns.

Doe Deere explains her belief that personal happiness and comfort are just as important as the need for a continued use of the rules of the fashion industry.  Unlike many fashion experts Doe Deere believes we should all have the opportunity to team the patterns, textures, and colors we feel are perfect for us in our everyday fashion choices regardless of the rules we are taught throughout our lives.

Talk Fusion Is The Next Level Of Email Messaging

It’s a video email service that fuses together emails and video, thus creating Talk Fusion. What device do you normally take pictures or video with? That will work just fine for uploading your videos to the Fusion page. The system is compatible with all types of video devices for convenience. For business owners especially, this is a game-changer. What better way to review projects with clients or staff when there’s no time for a meeting?

This is just one of the advantages to having the service. For a very affordable $175 base setup cost and $20 monthly you get 1,00 video emails at 5 minutes each. For $375 you can get 10 minute videos and an additional four accounts. Each one comes with pre-made templates to boot.

The brain child of this tech is Talk Fusion CEO, Bob Reina. At one point America Online told Reina that his idea could not come to fruition. Boy, were they wrong about that. It started with the idea of sending a 10 second video email to some friends. Since being told no, the service now provide customers with 5-10 minutes of high quality video. He is quite proud of the technology as well. Things like having the video directly embedded instead of linking it is one source of pride in the tech. Bob Reina has made quite the shift from being a full time policeman to being a full time CEO of an internet tech company.

The man has a talent for recognizing trends and jumping ahead of the pack with innovative new ideas. This is part of what gives him an edge in business. Reina has been in the game for over 20 years, but now he is leading the way in the field. The future is not certain for any business, but as trends continue you can be almost certain to see more innovation from Bob and his team. Visit PR.com to know more about Securus Technologies.

Get Amazing Hair with WEN by Chaz


A recent online article chronicled the results one young woman obtained from using Wen hair. The young woman chose to use the fig variety of this brand since it stated it was good for adding shine, moisture and bounce back into lifeless hair. When the young woman started using the combination shampoo and cleansing conditioner product her hair was greasy and unmanageable. She also had trouble with frizz. She states in the article how she followed the directions on the back of the bottle for a period of seven days. In summary she states, when used on a daily basis the product did provide her with softer, more manageable hair.

A Different Type of Hair Cleansing Product

The biggest difference between WEN and other hair care products is the fact that it is a complete cleansing system. One bottle of product replaces the different products used as shampoos, conditioners, cleansers and even detanglers. The ingredients used to create this remarkable product are designed to rinse clean so there is no residue left behind on hair to dull it and weigh it down. WEN hair products by Chaz is available on Amazon in several different formulas created to address the different problems people have with their hair, including dryness and frizz.

The amazing WEN products on ebay were created by Chaz Dean as a way of improving the overall condition of people’s hair. After completing courses in a school for cosmetology, Chaz Dean began his career in hair care working for a successful company where he quickly advanced into a position of management. He eventually bought the salon and turned it into his own studio where he began to develop hair care products for celebrities.


Kevin Seawright Helps Young People Get Jobs

There is an upcoming program that is designed with the purpose of giving students the tools that is required for success. The students will learn the value of developing a good work ethic and business skills with this program that Kevin Seawright has proposed. This program involves getting students a job for the summer. With the job, they will also learn how to manage their money. This opportunity is called the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Kevin Seawright told LocalTalkNews that he has partnered with NewarkWorks for the city figures to direct the youth of Newark to employment.

The youth that are involve din the Youth Employment Plan will be working for six weeks. This is also expected to increase the rate of college graduation for the community. Students will receive on the job training and lessons in financial literacy.

Kevin says the program is working on bringing forth 3,500 jobs which is to exceed the 3,000 jobs of last year. They are not only working on providing these opportunities to students, but also partnering with two of the most well respected banks, TD Bank and Santander Bank. This so that the students can learn money management from the program. Among the skills that students will learn is opening up their own bank accounts and maintaining their accounts so that they can have a better chance for financial success and independence. Kevin says on Twitter that this will give them the head start that they need once they enter the professional world. They will also know how to budget their money so that they can manage their expenses without having to go into unnecessary debt.  Follow Mr. Seawright on his SoundCloud profile.

How Education is Transforming in the United States with Help from Dick DeVos

The United States of America is filled with knowledge, including the transformation of education from the 1600s up to the 2000s. Christianity has an important role in transforming this country to accept diversity and resolve some of the problems existing with equality and education. Time is at hand; American children are perishing because of the lack of knowledge. Ethnics have nothing to do with the problems of the educational system in the U.S. Children are born into a world like little doves, innocent and have the desire to discover and explore the planet they dwell in. Philanthropists, like Dick DeVos has made efforts to contribute monetarily to various organizations, including religious schools, charity, and other humanitarian causes.

Truth always prevail; I have seen the problems in educational school systems, including urban, suburban and rural areas of the south, north, east, and west. The problems lie within the hands of politicians, local governments, federal governments, parents, and students. When education fails in a country considered as one of the top economic countries in the world, it raises questions in the minds of citizens of the United States, whether African American, Caucasian, Latino, European, Asian, Greek, or German. Communities, neighborhoods, philanthropists, and religious leaders are making an effort to do something to resolve the problem.

Over the world, people have heard about the DeVos family and the company, Amway, which was co-founded by Richard DeVos Sr. in 1959. The direct marketing company has a net worth of approximately $5 billion, according to Inside Philanthropy. Dick left Amway to start his own company which has also been successful. Without the transformation of the DeVos family and effortless contributions to education to those less fortune in grade school and college, hundreds of children and adolescence would not have the opportunity to receive a quality education. Dick sees the problems with education in Michigan and is willing to take a stand and stop the oppression in public schools and colleges. Cruelty in society, homes, families, schools, and governments about education creates calamities. Dick DeVos’ political involvement is well known and his support of Marco Rubio was no surprise to anyone who knows his stance on education.

Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation is located in Michigan and donates to Christian and faith oriented schools. One of the strongest beliefs of the organization is that American children desperately need spiritual guidance to transform the way of thinking. What education is lacking is ethics, which consist of moral values, integrity, conscience, and principles. All U.S. citizens have the right to receive a quality education in public, private, and college institutions. Change will never come until the hearts and thoughts of men, women, and children is corrected and reproved with love and compassion.

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