Talk Fusion and Bob Reina Make a Global Offer

Bob Reina and High Ethical Business Practices
Bob Reina is the Founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion. This company was established in the year 2007. Mr. Reina practices high ethical business standards. He is a former police officer who believes in upholding high standards in everything that he does.

30 Day Free Trial Launched
With much enthusiasm, Talk Fusion has launched their 30 day free trial in over 140 countries and nine languages. This global effort will enable any prospective customer to take the opportunity to experience Talk Fusion and their Video Marketing Solution. This can be done instantly. This is a risk-free trial that is available for 30 days. Discover how communication can be more effective while increasing marketing efforts.

Sign Up and Gain Access
Once a user has signed up for the free trial, you can gain complete access to the following:
* Video Email
* Video Newsletters
* Live Meetings
* Sign-up forms
* 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award-Winning Video Chat
Each and every Free Trial Users will have the opportunity to view the numerous advantages of the many powerful marketing tools. You will only need you name and email address to sign up for this. Go to and sign up.

Proven Effectiveness
The corporate team at Talk Fusion is excited to give prospective customers a clear picture and understanding of video marketing. This trial will provide first hand experience to those who take the opportunity to try it. Talk Fusion has a dedication to changing lives and helping to grow businesses. This is accomplished through patent-pending video technology.

Video Marketing Solutions
Talk Fusion provides superior video marketing solutions. Innovative products are marketed on a person-to-person basis. This is done by independent Associates in over 140 countries.

Bob Reina Believes in Changing Lives
Bob Reina believes that every person has the ability to change their lives. He attended the University of South Florida. Reina inspires others to charge ahead with change. He is an individual who stays ahead with innovation.

How to Nail The Girlie-Girl Style

For every self-proclaimed girlie-girl, PopSugar has you covered with the latest fashion news on what to wear. In their article “No Girlie Girl Will Be Able to Resist These Sweet Wardrobe Essentials,” Samantha Sutton lays out 15 must haves to keep on hand.

Not only is Sutton right, but her opinions on what to wear are spot on. Even though athleisure on Pinterest is all the rage right now, women who lean more toward lace, bows, and ruffles can’t go wrong either. Embracing the girlie-girl style is nothing to be ashamed about! Especially with some of the picks that Sutton listed.

For the fashionistas out there, here is a quick list of Sutton suggested:

1. The Party Dress
2. Diamond studs
3. A Necktie Top
4. Ruffled Skirt
5. Classic Watch
6. Canvas Sneakers
7. Cat-Eye Sunglasses
8. An Everyday Dress
9. Glamorous Pair of Heels
10. Pastel-Colored Pea Coat
11. Bow Flats
12. Midi Skirt
13. Structured Bag
14. A Strand of Pearls
15. A Satin Clutch

Like all fashion, those on a budget can adjust accordingly. All of the items that Sutton mentioned can be found just about anywhere and things like diamond studs can be substituted for realistic knock-offs. Even better, most of the items she listed are very in right now and are easier to find than ever.

Online shopping is also giving local stores some serious competition when it comes to killer deals. Sites like JustFab on instagram specialize on trendsetting styles in the fashion world. An online subscription fashion retailer, JustFab usually sports commercials about their shoes, but they offer so much more.

From Apparel, bags, and yes, shoes too, JustFab has it all when it comes to staying ahead of the fashion curve no matter what style. But for girlie-girls, they are perfect. Right now JustFab has an even more killer deal for new members, offering a buy one get one free for two new styles at only $39.95.

Being a girlie-girl can be embraced and celebrated with serious style, and with a few new updates to a wardrobe, any girl can look up to date and cute as can be with a few new additions from Sutton’s list.

Chaz By Wen as Told By a Hairstylist

As a hair stylist I am often asked about my opinion of Wen. I am often asked by my clients if they should give it a try but I find it hard to give a true review of a product I have never used on my own hair.
I must admit I have tried the product several times on my clients hair and it has worked great but I can’t give my opinion on it because unfortunately I’ve always been afraid to step outside the box on haircare products especially on my own hair.

Recently a beauty blogger posted an article about her experience with WEN and it was music to my clients ears. In the article she gave a step by step tutorial of how to use the product and also how she used the product each day on her own hair.

At the end of her 7 day experience she did not not have anything negative to say; however, she did feel as if maybe her experience would have been better had she followed the instructions step by step.

For those who are unfamiliar with Wen, it is an all and one hair care solution that boasts it can work properly on all types of hair. Wen By Chaz does not discriminate and is designed to meet all our haircare needs in one simple solution.
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Bob Reina’s leadership has proven vital to Talk Fusion

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having a quality marketing strategy is vital to every company. Without a great marketing strategy, your company will not last for long. There are several marketing strategies, but most companies are turning towards video marketing solutions. Video marketing can be incredibly impactful because customers can visually see the product and listen to your company’s message. One of the leading names in video marketing is Talk Fusion, and recently this company made a huge announcement.

Talk Fusion allows customers to easily create video messages for their potential clients. These video messages can include video newsletters, product tutorials, and other instructive and compelling videos. Companies that have adapted the Talk Fusion system to their marketing approach have experienced extreme success. Talk Fusion wants more businesses to experience the array of tools offered by the company, so they recently announced a free trial. For a limited time, everyone that decides to try Talk Fusion can receive a thirty-day free trial. These free trials allow customers to get a feel for the Talk Fusion system, and they are confident that companies will love the product.

Talk Fusion has emerged as a great option for most companies, partially because of the excellent leadership at the company. Bob Reina founded the company in 2007 to help companies achieve their dreams. The company is extremely efficient and the practice the highest quality ethics. Bob Reina is extremely proud of his work at Talk Fusion, but the success did not happen overnight.

Talk Fusion started as a small idea. In 2004, Bob Reina attempted to send a short video file to his family members via e-mail. He was shocked to discover that the message could not be sent. He committed himself to creating a solution to this simple problem. Eventually, he developed a video solution for e-mail. This solution was extremely innovative and he knew it would change the business world forever. He founded Talk Fusion and he is proud to say the company is still chugging today.

Talk Fusion is an amazing company that is changing the way people do business. Bob Reina’s leadership has enabled the company to reach thousands of businesses. These businesses have benefited from Talk Fusion’s unique solutions and will continue to do so in the future.

The Creative Work Of Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber was born in Washington D.C. His parents came from Berlin. He holds two bachelor degrees. One in English Literature and the other in Psychology. He also has a masters in English Literature form UCLA. Zomber is an antique arms collector, a topic on which he is fully versed. He has appeared on the History Chanel a number of times where he discussed guns and swords. He is also known around the worlds as an expert on Japanese Samurai swords.

Zomber has written a number of plays and novels. Chronicling books such as “Sweet Betsy”, which is about the civil war. Then he collaborated with his wife Andrea and wrote “Sword of the Samurai. Michael’s website shows he is a big supporter of Non Government Organizations(NGO’s). Groups such as UNICEF, Doctor’s without borders and a few more gets a lot of his support, because they believe in peace and harmony.

Sword of the Samurai was made into a documentary. Zomber worked with the Reverend Kensko Furaya, who was the ultimate Zen Buddhist master. Zomber made this documentary because he wanted to insure that the film was accurately portrayed. He is not only a filmmaker but,a philanthropist and collector as well.

Michael Zomber’s wrote a number of novels like: Shogun Iemitsu. In this novel he depicts a story about two young Samuari. Then there is Sweet Betsy that’s me, which is about a young girl who lived in Kentucky, whose father returned from the Civil War wounded. Park Avenue is about high priced art auctions. Son of Kentucky is about rustic America before the Civil War. In this book one would read about a farmer who refused to use slave labor, because he was standing on his beliefs.

The Zomber’s began Remasant Films in 1998. They have made many independent films to date. Along with Sword of The samurai there are also La Cucaracha, this got high praise from Roger Ebert, a known critic. Deep sea diving was another of their project. Michael Zomber aims is to work with other individuals who have a deep infatuation for preserving the past. Zomber and his wife Andrea lives Franklin, Tennessee with their two children.  Follow Michael on his Facebook.

Slyce Grows Even BIGGER By Partnering With Shoe Carnival

How Do You Do Your Shopping?

If you are tired of standing in long lines at shopping malls, then you should really try online shopping. It has actually evolved quite significantly over the past few decades since it first started out. The online market place is thriving with new businesses that include both online retailers and physical retailers that sell their products online. There are even more convenient methods of conducting your online shopping that have recently been made available to consumers around the world. The newest and most convenient way to get your online shopping done quickly and easily is by using a visual search application.

Welcome To Visual Search

Visual search can be quite fun. In fact, it feels like you are getting things done in a more productive, innovative, creative way because you are taking photos of what you want to find in the online market. Slyce is the company that has developed one of the most useful visual search applications on the market. Their app is run by artificial intelligence, and they have a customer care team that carefully monitors user searches. Slyce is leading the way in the visual search market.

Slyce Makes New Developments In Their Network

The newest developments in Slyce’s platform are its partnerships and new advances in their application. They officially signed an agreement recently, in October of last year, to work with Shoe Carnival. This contract is with a major footwear retailer that sells shoes of various types. Shoe Carnival’s dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic footwear and other offerings are now available via Slyce’s application. The release of Shoe Carnival’s product line on Slyce’s application was just announced in an article that was written by Market Wired and published on NASDAQ’s website.

Slyce has created several partnerships with major retailers, and they continue to grow in their new relationships. This growth gives investors something to look forward to, and it also gives consumers more options when they use Slyce’s application to conduct their convenient searches. Slyce provides a direct connection to a large market place that includes product offerings from various retailers that specialize in various product offerings. They offer retailers that sell everything from tools to dresses. Users find Slyce fun and easy to use. The application is also free to download, so give it a try.

Why Online Reputation Management Is Essential


Melissa Click, assistant professor at the University of Missouri, was attending student protests with others but she made a mistake that got her in legal trouble. Her action was deemed inappropriate as it could have caused violence. The incident was video taped and when the video went viral her reputation was in jeopardy.


She was charged with a misdemeanor for trying to encourage violence and was ordered to complete community service. She also faced suspension while the University officials were investigating the case. She almost got fired from the university but many of her peers came to her support.


Melissa Click urged everyone to consider her excellent service and track record, and not to judge her by this one mistake.


After three months of silence, Melissa contacted a top rated reputation management firm, Status Labs, for assistance in restoring her reputation. She had confidence that Status Labs would handle the matter effectively and get her online reputation back to normal.


Status Labs is well known for providing top notch service and is regarded as the leader in reputation management. Their clients come from a variety of industries and are always raving about the excellent services they received from Status Labs’ reputation management team.


It is essential for businesses and individuals to hire the services of a reliable online reputation management firm when they have reputation related issues. Online reputation management focuses on monitoring what information is being posted about people and businesses, and it is essential to respond and resolve any issues in a timely manner.


Status Labs takes steps to better understand their client’s reputation issue and utilize their proprietary techniques and top notch resources to address it promptly. Their research team analyzes the client’s situation and gathers information in order to have a good understanding of the extent of damage and what needs to be done. This type of research often reveals the kind of information that is being spread on online about their client.
If you have encountered any sort of problem with your online reputation you will benefit greatly by utilizing the professional services of Status Labs and their president Darius Fisher.

Development in New Jersey

In March 2016 Middlesex County missed the deadline for the repayment of $1 million interest on a $20 million loan. A loan that was borrowed from the Casino Reinvestment Development Corporation. Middlesex County borrowed this money in 2005 and has defaulted on a number of payments. The money was used to help build the Heldrich hotel and conference center by the New Brunswick Development Corporation which is a not for profit organization.

This corporation was promoted by State Senate President Steven Sweeney as a shining example, about what can happen when monies are given to private firms for large scale construction. New Brunswick Development Corporation also represents Atlantic City. Christopher Paladin a lawyer was the catalyst for getting the $20 million loan. He has insisted that the money will be repaid but some added time must be given.

The two hundred and thirty five room hotel has been feeling the pressure. It has some difficulties filling room in 2015. The hotel had to rely on the corporation for help with thing like mattresses and floor covering renewals. A law was signed in December 2015 by Chris Christie of New Jersey, it will put a stop to state agencies from giving loans or grants to non profit organization.To read more on this interesting article, visit:

The New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO, is a not for profit company. It began it’s operation around the 1970’s. Their main and only aim is to give the City of New Brunswick rebirth. New York times one called them “an influential device”. Since their inception they have already invested $1 billion in the New Brunswick area even with the bad economy and challenges, they continue to make stride.

At Gateway Transit village one can find Rutgers University bookstore, classroom space and about 150 luxury apartment. There is also Robert Woodward Johnson Health and wellness Plaza, here you will find fitness centers. Devco says in the next eighteen months Albany Street will again see the beginning of another phase. They want to attract advanced Tech and Biological service firms. With all this growth New Brunswick is placing itself as one of the best places to do business and live in New Jersey.



Kyle Bass Has His Antics

To go along with his hedge fund, Kyle Bass has started up Coalition for Affordable Drugs in which he challenges patents. He typically goes to the USPTO and issues challenges with the patents that are filed. He has filed quite a few challenges with several companies. Many of these challenges have been denied. However, some of the challenges have been looked into. Among the companies that he has challenged are the Celgene Corporation, Acorda Therapeutics Inc. and Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc. Among the patents that have been challenged is number 8,399,514. This deals with the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Kyle Bass runs Hayman Capital Manager, the hedge fund that he founded. He has predicted the crisis of 2008. He is also looking at the crisis that is happening in Greece. Among the things that he has stated that would help Greece recover from its mess is a restructuring. Bass has stated that it was the only thing that Greece could do. He is also predicting a fall for Europe as a whole. Other countries that he is predicting a fall for is Japan due to the way that the are handling debt. He compares their way of dealing with debt to Ponzi scheme.

Kyle Bass has also worked a few different jobs before starting his hedge fund. Prudential Securities is one of the companies that he has worked for. Another company that he has worked at is Bear Stearns. He worked as he Senior Managing Director of the company. He later began working at Legg Mason as an investment manager. Right after that, he has launched his own hedge fund in which he predicted the burst of the residential real estate bubble. Kyle Bass has become very visible with his decisions when it comes to financial matters as well as who he aligns himself with.

How QNET is Helping Children with Disabilities

In the current corporate world, many firms dedicate a portion of their profits towards charitable causes. QNET, a major direct sales company is taking part in a exceptional cause. In partnership with the RHYTHM Foundation, it is urging the general public to be part of an exciting initiative. All one needs to do is leave an encouraging comment on a Facebook post. If the post garners 500 comments in a fortnight, QNET will give away a HomePure RED to Taarana, which is a special needs school for children run by the foundation.

A further 500 comments on the post will trigger the marketing firm to donate another HomePure RED to Rashid Center, which takes care of the disabled. Facebook commentators should note that only encouraging comments will be considered. In addition, there is a limit of 3 comments for each individual user. This noble initiative is aimed at providing safe drinking water to the disabled kids in these institutions. Those who comment are also asked to share the message so that it reaches as many people as possible. With more comments, more lives will be touched.

Believe & act on it. #QNET #SuccessTips

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A Brief Synopsis of QNET

This is a direct sales firm, which is headquartered in Hong Kong. It is a subsidiary of the QI Group of Companies. It deals in a diverse range of products, which encompass energy, nutrition, personal care, home care and luxury goods. It was started by entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran in 1988. 

QNET has implemented a distinctive advertising approach, which adheres to the direct selling and multi-level prototype. The system is dependent on independent agents spread out globally. Their role is mentioning the products on sale to customers. When the items are purchased, these agents are compensated based on the number of successful referrals made. The company initially dealt in gold coins. However QNET expanded and introduced travel and leisure products in 2002. Four years down the line, energy and nutrition products were introduced to its portfolio. 

The company has had many notable achievements during its existence. During the 2000 Sydney Olympics, it was the certified celebratory coins distributors. It played the same role in similar subsequent events in Athens and Beijing in 2004 and 2008 respectively. It was also the authorized coin supplier during the 2002 FIFA World Cup hosted by Japan. The firm is also involved in charitable initiatives through it partnerships with like-minded organizations such as the RHYTHM Foundation and the Lions Club. This helps it implement its corporate social responsibility objectives. To read more about QNET, click on this link:

Follow QNET on Twitter to learn more about the company’s every day activities.