Aloha Construction Appriciated for Displaying Ehtical Practices

The Better Business Bureau(BBB) strives to encourage businesses to uphold ethics and increase their participation in the community. It does this by honoring businesses that demonstrate honesty and offer quality services with the Torch Award. A team of judges vet nominated companies and decide on a winner. In 2017, Aloha Construction was honored with the BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.

The roofing company based in Lake Zurich Illinois was founded in 2008 by Dave Farbaky who is the CEO to provide high standard roofing, siding, and gutter repair services at affordable prices. The firm’s mission is to aim for accountability and responsibility in each job, and since its establishment, Aloha Construction has completed 20,000 roofing jobs for the residents of Illinois. The company is passionate about the community, and this is among the reasons why the BBB awarded it.

Aloha Construction satisfied the six criteria used for evaluation by the BBB to win the Torch Award. The firm values their customers and holds them in high esteem. The BBB awarded them for demonstrating high practices such as providing free roof checks for clients each year. Apart from this, the roofing company also offers a 10-year warranty for their clients which shows how much they care about their customers.

Another reason BBB recognized Aloha Construction is their commitment to upholding ethical human resource practices like supporting and valuing their employees. The company awards the top performing employees and their families with an all-expense holiday to Hawaii. They also strive to offer stability to their employees through long-term employment. The CEO, Farbaky considers his employees to be his family.

Aloha Construction’s dedication to giving back to the community also earned them the BBB award. The company has been involved in several charity projects through its charitable division. For Instance, the firm gifted a local kid suffering from congenital heart condition with a VIP ticket to watch the Bulls play against the Houston Rockets with his 11 friends. Additionally, they gifted a needy family with a free toy shopping spree. There are many more incidents which the company has demonstrated its generosity and love for the community.

Tony Petrello early life

Tony Petrello is recognized as a brilliant business executive who has conquered the oil and gas industry after he joined the industry without education or experience in any of the operations that go on in the mining industry. He joined Nabors Industries from a legal profession. He was working as a lawyer with a law firm known as Baker &McKenzie. Before he became a lawyer, he was working as a mathematician at the Yale University. He holds a master’s degree in Mathematics from the Yale University and a law degree from the Harvard School of Law. Tony Petrello: One of the Highest Paid CEO in the Nation.

Tony Petrello was born from a humble family in Newark, NJ. Being born from a low-income earning family helped him become the person he is today. He is a person of integrity and has earned everything he has through hard work. Growing up, he knew that no one would offer him an opportunity on a silver platter. He had to work hard so that he could achieve his dreams.

Tony Petrello went to a public school, unlike other brilliant children who would be sent to private schools where the quality of education was better. Despite attending public school, this is not something that worried Petrello. Tony Petrello focused attention on passing exams by reading very hard. Petrello displayed unique ability to solve mathematics problems, and as it would later emerge, he was a mathematics genius. His abilities in math would see him get a scholarship to study at the Yale University.

Today, Tony Petrello holds a master’s degree in mathematics. Although e is no longer a mathematician, his abilities to solve problem shave been replicated at Nabors Industries. The oil and gas drilling firm has gained tremendously for the past two decades that he has been in the industry so much that he is considered the best executive the company has ever had. In his years of experience in the industry, he has shown commitment and love for what he does. The success of the company he works for is considered to be the greatest ever in the history of the drilling industry.

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ChainSmokers: An Innovative Band in Music Industry

ChainSmokers were in attendance of the 60th Annual Grammy Awards that was held at Madison Square Garden early this year in New York City. The last hit song called “Somebody” drew a lot of attention from the fans. According to the band, ChainSmokers, the song contains pitched up vocal and modular synth samples. They have taken their precious time to reveal to the audience everything about that hit song. They had released a video earlier on Facebook. Chain Smokers is a band comprised of a duo, Alex Pall, and Drew Taggart. They have promised the audience a more detailed tutorial but have taken time to give a taste of what went on during the composition.


The first fact revealed is that the vocal part was originally recorded for another song. That is why there is pitch change within the hit. They have released a video with an intensive tutorial incorporating the synths to Ableton and piano. In the same news, the able ASCAP named Drew Taggart as a Co-Winner of the Songwriter of the Year. They have produced several songs that have become hit songs and favorites of many fans. Some may not have had a deep thought and look at who the band is.


ChainSmokers is a duo of an American DJ and super producer. The duo has successfully gathered a lot of fame throughout their performances. They have produced a number of songs that have become favorite hits and won awards for the same. Going back to the drawing board, ChainSmokers originally consisted of Pall and Bixler. It was later reformed in 2012 through the direction of Alpert Adam in New York City. Alpert introduced Pall, a growing Dj then, to Taggart. Alex was a student at New York University studying music business and history. At that time, Taggart was attending Syracuse and later became an intern at Interscope Records shortly before they met. They formed the duo and began doing exploits in their musical journey. They have performed so many live shows and performances and had tremendous breakthroughs. They have a list of nominations and awards from their engagements in the dance music industry.

Wes Edens, the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and Bucks owner.

Wes Edens is widely known for his ownership of the Bucks basketball team. He is also an accomplished businessman and a private investor. In the year 2014, he partnered with Lasry to purchase the Bucks from Herb Kohl at $550 million. Today, the team has appreciated to $1 billion. In 1984, he attained his Bachelors in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University. After graduation, he kicked off his career at a California bank before moving to Lehman Brothers as a partner and a managing director.In the year 1993, he joined BlackRock’s private equity division and served as an associate and an MD till 1997. In 1998, he realized his major breakthrough when he partnered with Michael Edward, Randal Nardone, Peter Briger and Robert Kauffman to launch Fortress Investment Group.

In 2009, he became the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the firm.He was also tasked to run Fortress’s private equity business by virtue of his extensive knowledge and expertise. Wes Edens was the reason behind Fortress’s purchase of subprime lender Springleaf Financial Services.This made Fortress the Springleaf’s majority stakeholder and by 2015, the value of Springleaf had exponentially risen to over $3.5 billion. In the year 2006, Fortress Investment Group purchased Nationstar Mortgage formerly called Centex Home Equity Company at $575 million.It is a subprime home equity mortgage lender. Wes Edens was appointed the chairman of the group to oversee its operations. His annual earnings according to Bizjournals stands at a skyrocketing $54.4 million.

This includes his annual compensation from Fortress Investment group of about $13.4 million and $41 million in dividends he receives as a shareholder.He earns almost $1.1 million in stock awards, an $11.6 million in bonuses, $478400 in other compensations and a salary of $200,000. In January 2018, he confirmed that he would sell his main business Fortress Investment Group to the Japanese side Softbank Group Corporation at a cost of $3.3 billion in cash.The company would, however, retain its headquarters in New York. Wes Edens would also secure his position together with Randal Nardone in a five-year contract. He is married to Lynn Edens and together they have 4 children. He is also renowned for his philanthropic work, he majorly donates to education, health, and art organizations. Apart from business, he is also interested in horse riding and mountain climbing. He has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Susan McGalla Breaks Through the Glass Ceiling

Susan McGalla, businesswoman, has proven to herself and the world that women can do anything men can do. Growing up, she had two brothers and a father that was a football coach. Her perseverance started at an early age because of this. McGalla has held multiple executive positions and even founded a company called P3 Executive Consulting. Currently, she is Vice President of a company in charge of encouraging fans to buy Pittsburgh Steelers gear. She has earned a high ranked position in the company that offered the opportunity to her.

As a whole, men tend to fill the executive roles at companies due to the glass ceiling problem. Women need to be supportive of other women in the business field in order to overcome this obstacle. Statistics have shown that businesses with gender diversity outperform other companies by 15% because it is believed they consider new ideas.

A solution to the gender discrimination in organizations is to create a sponsor as an advocate for women. The sponsor would support women while they are making executive decisions and recommend women for leadership roles. Opportunities like this allow women to prove themselves and move up in companies like Susan McGalla. Incentives would be given to sponsors in order to motivate them to invest in women in leadership roles.

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Ara Chackerian’s insight on healthcare startups

Ara Chackerian is currently the managing director of ASC Capital Holdings. He is an entrepreneur who is a devoted philanthropist. He was born in 1969. Ara is as also a co-founder of several companies which include BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRx, and TMS Health Solutions. Ara has an experience at executive level in all companies he has co-founded. Regarding his education background, Ara studied at the Florida state university where he graduated with B.S in marketing.

Ara Chackerian has diversified his career so much although less achievement is evident in his professional life. Nevertheless, one of the most remarkable position he has ever held is a managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings. Besides being an entrepreneur, Ara plays a humanitarian role with the aim of giving back to the community. He launched a mentoring program known as Nor Luyce to support orphans. Since the inception of the mentoring programme, Ara is the principal funder as well as the board member. Also, he has funded and launched many charitable organizations to support youths. Visit for more details.



Beyond his formal qualifications, Ara Chackerian is an innovator who wants to elevate the health care status. In the recent past, he has ventured into the medical field and has been scrutinizing the effects of innovation in the therapeutic area. He identified that successful healthcare ventures are subject to innovative entrepreneurs.


Statistically, in 2017 approximately 79 healthcare startups funding amounted to $703 million in New York City. However, most of the companies had negative cash flow, therefore; they could not declare their IPO. The statistical data raised concern, and many predicted that most healthcare companies are likely to collapse this year. However, Ara Chackerian among other entrepreneurs believes that experience hitches in their early years. Some of the hiccups include delays in IPO etc. In addition to the stated, healthcare startups will benefit experimental data that help them identify threats. Check out to know more.



Ara Chackerian believes that at the moment investors should not focus on profit concerning healthcare startups of today; nevertheless, they should focus on tomorrow’s outcome. He further identifies that any business worth risk taking.



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The Successes and Achievements of Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a prominent and a successful entrepreneur. Mostly he is known for his philanthropic works and motivational speaker. However, Vijay is the chairman and the founder of the QI Group Company that is a multi-business. The QI group has been doing well in the business industry and achieved a lot led by Eswaran. The background of Vijay Eswaran shows that he started from scratch to rise to the level he is now of among the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world.

According to Vijay is that for one to succeed in life has to embrace the challenges since they are strengths to achieving goals. The journey towards his success faced a lot of hiccups that were stepping stone to him to meet the success he has now. The philosophy that he had stated that if you don’t experience any trial knows that you are stagnant.

Every business person that is in the business wants to generate maximum profit. However, this is quite difficult to attain when the market conditions are not pleasing. In order to excel during harsh times requires one to have strategies and techniques to implement. Vijay Eswaran had the best methods to use to scale up to prominence during the uncertain economic times.

The books and articles that are written and published by Vijay show that he had a significant passion and self-motivation to achieve his goals. It is imperative to ensure there is a well-stipulated plan that will act as guidance to meeting the set goals. With the appropriate plan, it will be simple to achieve all the business and other plans towards success.

Moreover, Vijay Eswaran indicates that fear motivates a person to become successful easily. From the articles written by Eswaran such as 3 Ways Fear Drives Success elaborate in detail how fear can assist in overcoming challenges. The philosophy that Vijay has makes him be the servant leader in his leadership. He offers lots of motivation to other staff members and assuring them that they will achieve their goals.

As a motivational speaker and writer, he has numerous articles and books focusing on daily living philosophy. More so, he details his leadership skills and personal development as a motivational to readers. For this reason, he has become a role model to entrepreneurs that are passionate in business. Besides, he offers tips that one should possess so that can succeed in all endeavors.

Randal Nardone Career in Fortress Investment Group

The corporate world is not for the people who are faint hearted. The few individuals who have been fortunate to establish themselves in the complicated market are those that understand how to work hard and at the same time be extremely patient with the investment they have made. The American market, for instance, is very competitive at the moment. The country has been experiencing a lot of financial growth over the years, and investors from all over the world have decided that they will invest their wealth in the country. This means that it is quite difficult for a professional who is not well prepared to start an investment and make it successful in this country. Some of the wealthiest and most respected personalities in the globe are based in America. One of these few personalities goes by the name Randal Nardone.

Randal Nardone is a name that has been making a lot of appearances, especially in the American corporate world. Nardone has taken the finance department in the globe with a storm because of his great influence. Although Nardone has business interests in various departments in many parts of the country, he is respected because of his numerous contributions in the founding of a large company that is known as Fortress Investment Group LCC. Nardone has acquired a lot of popularity over the recent times because of the great role he has been taking in the financial services company. His story in this global company shows that the businessman is hard working and very dedicated in all the activities he undertakes and more

Randal Nardone holds the prestigious position of principal and chief executive officer at the international financial services company named Fortress Investment Group. Randal assisted in starting the company in the year 1998, and he has been given the role of CEO because of the commitment he had shown the other co-founders when the company was starting. Randal Nardone has been taking his numerous roles in the company with a lot of seriousness, and this explains why he has gained the respect of the stakeholders in the company.

Getting appointed to serve as the chief executive officer of a global firm is not an easy task that is given to anyone. Nardone was fortunate to land the prestigious position because of his academic qualifications and the kind of expertise he has been getting in the market over the years. Randal Nardone knows the market so well, and he always takes time to ensure that he makes the perfect decision that will only make the company profitable.

Spiraling to the Top

Jeunesse is a multi-level marketing (MLM) platform that was kick-started back in 2009 by a spry coupling of ambitious entrepreneurs who were no strangers to the enterpriser’s life. Wendy Lewis emerged from retirement with Randy Ray, combining the fruits of their successes to give birth to the name that would represent their vision for the world in the coming years. There’s much to be said for a company that starts off on such shaky terms, especially when the vision is seen all the way through and beyond that, but their work isn’t done yet.

The Jeunesse Family embodies the many members who comprise the MLM element of Jeunesse, and it’s rife with members who’ve also given the Youth Enhancement System a shot with great success. While the reviews overall are positive for Jeunesse’s products, keep in mind that you should never replace prescription routines with these supplements. With that out of the way, don’t let the anti-aging gig lead you to think that it’s only for old folks; the younger crowd also benefits greatly from their offerings.

The Ethos

Jeunesse is dedicated to playing a supplemental role that’s hosted by the natural healing technology of the human body. Rather than play God with a set of pills, powders and gel packs, they’d rather equip the body with the means of defending itself against the many hazards in daily life. These hazards range from sedentary living, overexposure to RF and the abundance of free radicals that create various unhealthy conditions in modern life. In this way, Jeunesse has tapped the most potent age-reversal solution in the world, but their research is always working to develop a better product.

How It Works

The Youth Enhancement System is focused on a handful of areas in the body, some overlapping in form but not function. You have a range of application mediums that support everything from fitness routines, mental sharpness and overall wellness to a sense of well-being, emotional positivity and skin repair. These products don’t just tap the body’s reserves to heal damage that’s already done; they also help prevent additional complications down the road.

Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award For Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the first architect to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, which is given out by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). This award is named in honor of the Picayune, Mississippi native writer and is an honor given to those connected to the Mississippi art industry through creating, performing, supporting the arts, or financial and philanthropic charitable contributions to the arts. This year’s awardee Robert Ivy is from Columbus, Mississippi and is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Joining Ivy in receiving the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award on June 2nd is stained-glass artist Andrew Cary Young of Jackson, Mississippi.

The president of the MIAL, Nancy LaForge praised Ivy as a writer, author, and commentator on architecture when talking about his contributions of architecture to the world of art. He is well-known for making architecture more accessible to the general public where he has served as the CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) since 2011, and as an editor, author, and current practicing architect. Prior to joining the AIA, Robert Ivy the former Editor-in-Chief of McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record. This publication is the #1 source for design news, education relating to architectural design, and information on houses, sustainability, projects, and architectural items.

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Mr. Ivy received his Masters of Architecture degree from Tulane University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the private institution Sewanee: The University of the South. Under the editorial leadership of Ivy, Architectural Record earned numerous design, digital, website, and top architectural awards.

Mr. Robert Ivy’s previous accolades includes Master Architect by the national architecture fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi. This fraternity includes American Architect Richard Buckminster Fuller, German-American Architect Mies van der Rohe, and Chinese American Architect I.M. Pei. Mr. Ivy also received the 2017 Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture.

Many well-known artists such as writer Eudora Welty (2001), actor Morgan Freeman (2007), writer Shelby Foote (2004), the late artist Walter Anderson (1989), and singer Leontyne Price (2000) have received this prestigious award. Some of the categories for winners of the Polk Lifetime Achievement Award are: Visual Arts, Fiction, Nonfiction, Photography, Poetry, and Music Composition broken up into two categories- contemporary and classical. These categories shows evidence of why Mr. Robert Ivy is the first Architect to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.