Ronald Fowlkes: Giving Back to Community Through Mentorship

For a decade Ronald Fowlkes has worked with Eagle Industries Unlimited as a manager tasked with client acquisition. St Louis, Missouri resident, prides in his understanding of his tools of the trade, his skill in the tactical gear – what Eagle Industries Unlimited deals with – and his know-how in law enforcement. Ronald Fowlkes’ comprehension of law enforcement came from his time working as a Marine where he worked with many law enforcement offices, and over time got to learn what drives them and how they think. With this awareness, Ronald Fowlkes can direct those in search of Law enforcement equipment with ease. Moreover, he is a great communicator and even a better listener.

Ronald Fowlkes’ time in the military and the police made him understand the value of family. So when a chance presented itself for him to be close to his son – a player with St. Louis Blues Triple-A – while serving his community and giving back to it, he could not resist. At St. Louis Blues Triple-A hockey team he was a mentor and in charge of equipment. Better yet was the chance to blend his enthusiasm for hockey and mentorship.

Owing to his military background, it’s quite understandable that in his training model Ronald Fowlkes is a hardcore trainer. However, he also understands that as human beings we are limited. So he places it in himself the responsibility to study each player individually. To understand the strengths and weaknesses of each and with that can predict with ease the need of each player.

Ronald Fowlkes hold a favorable view on mentorship. This is a view that mentorship is a chance for both the mentor and the mentee to learn mutually from each other. In that view, he uses his life experiences and tales on his wins and some of the losses to point them not to give up. The mentorship program is also has given the players an avenue for them to open up, be vulnerable and share their frustrations and worries. Ronald Fowlkes then uses his experience to guide them in the disappointment and in them instilling a sense of optimism and motivation. Ronald Fowlkes is continuously looking for ways to challenge the kids and pushing them to be better versions of themselves. This is obviously working as the team is a maverick in local tournaments and has persistently improved its ranking in the nation like a giant in the sport and put competitors on the watch out. Their current national standing in the hockey charts is the 27th position.