Sahm Adrangi

Finding a knowledgeable and well-regarded investment banker is extremely hard to do these days. Everyone considers themselves to be the best of the best. They boast about huge portfolios and their skilled traders and futuristic algorithms. Sometimes to be successful, however, all you need is a little old fashioned research and a keen sense for how businesses work. Sahm Adrangi brings that to his investors.

Sahm Adrangi started out after earning his BA in Economics from Yale University in 2003. He quickly entered the world of credit analysis and investments, becoming an analyst and adviser at Duetsche Bank. He worked to help with leveraged loan financing and other types of credit. After a few years at DB, he started working with Chanin Capital Partners, advising creditor committees about bankruptcy and other credit-related business decisions that needed to be made. Sahm quickly realized that credit was not the business he wanted to be in, and he soon found himself at the multi-billion dollar Longacre Fund Management Company.

Wanting more from his life and his professional career, Sahm Adrangi took a measly sum of money and founded the Kerrisdale Capital Management Company in 2009. Starting with a portfolio of only $1 million, Kerrisdale quickly grew to having over $150 million in funds managed at the end of 2017. He was quickly mad the Chief Investment Officer of the Company and has been in that position ever since.

At Kerrisdale, Adrangi spends most of his time working on research and finding trends that other investment firms are failing to find. He has been able to publish several articles and papers on under-followed longs, overhyped shorts, and several misunderstandings about the actual environment of his clients’ businesses. His research and auditing skills were validated when, in 2010 and 2011, he found several instances of fraud at a range of Chinese Companies, including the China Marine Food Group, Chin-Botics, and Lihua Interantional. Several of these companies were even subject to SEC sanctions due to Sahm Adrangi’s work.

Now Adrangi is starting to expand his activities and starting to manage more funds at the Company. He is starting to use his vast expertise in biotechnologies, mining, and telecommunications to make his future clients just as successful as his current ones.