Sculpting Out Your Dreams: Ann Scango

Ann Scango is an artist from Austin, Texas. Her specialties are fuse molding, sculptures as well as collage techniques. She uses a wide array of industrial material in her art pieces. Ann Scango also works hard to encourage women empowerment. Her work has been displayed throughout numerous magazines and publications. The art professional’s Twitter page gives an abundance of art tips and gallery recommendations, amongst other things.

Image result for contemporary art momaShe has made it known that her love for art stems from experiences as a youth. Ann Scango states that she never doubted her dreams of opening art galleries would come true. Her success has pushed her to sharpen marketing strategies for generating new business. Social media is a great platform to do so she says. She loves the ease of access for curators and gallery owners to contact her and see her work through these social media sites. As her business grows, she has had to carve out time for her personal creation as well but she enjoys the balance.

Ann Scango has a great eye for thoughtful pieces when it comes to art. She expresses this as the main difference between her and other galleries.

Her expertise makes her a viable source for up and coming artists. In a blog post she talked about getting into the art world. The most important thing she says is knowing your personal taste and where to find artwork that appeals to your signature. The preface to this is knowing what type of pieces you like. She also mentions that to educate yourself on art in general is crucial. The recommendations Ann Scango includes are: visiting local art galleries and reviewing things online. You must explore and be openminded in order to attain knowledge of various arts.