Seamless knowledge sharing for scientists by scientists on Oncotarget

Oncotarget is an online publication by Impact Journals disseminating scientific information about oncology. The medical journal publishes research papers online with free access on platforms such as ISI/Web of Science, PubMed, ResearchGate, EMBASE, Biosis previews and Scopus among many other online library platforms. The journal collects all research from prominent scientists around the world and compiles it into one large library information to help in the progression of scientific study on various diseases such as cancer. They envision a life with no disease. Oncotarget publishes twice every week on Tuesday and Friday. They publish research papers and articles that are reviewed by peers covering subjects such as oncology, Pathology, Microbiology, Autophagy, Aging and even Immunology. So far, they have published seven volumes with 324 issues. They are now in the process of publishing their eighth volume.

Oncotarget is keen on providing other scientists with information that could lead to the progression of cure researches for diseases such as Cancer and Diabetes among others. An article on ResearchGate about  Early Death on pediatric cancers shares knowledge on early death in pediatric cancer. The research paper delves into questions medics and scientist should push forth to find the possible cause of this and the way forward to combat fatality for children battling cancer.

Meeting the health and science challenges head on in the 21st century requires for data sharing through a large network of scientists such as Oncotarget. All their articles and research papers go through rigorous editorial standards by high qualified editors conversant with scientific study. Some of these editors are world reknown scientists who can verify information and act as peer accountability partners. Making this journal open access enables easy access and engagement by other scientists who may be studying the same subject from all corners of the world just from the click of a button.