Securus Technologies Creates Innovative New Crime Prevention Program

There are over 2.4 million minutes processed each year through Securus Technologies and has been one of the first inmate communication networks to initiate a crime prevention program with proven effective methods which have allowed their costs to remain stable. Their crime prevention strategy has allowed their customers to be a part of helping them to solve telecommunications crime by leaving their feedback directly on their website. Rick A. Smith, CEO of Securus, was one of the main executive team leaders that initiated the crime prevention program. As a result of their program, they have been able to stop and help solve hundreds of telecommunications crimes.


Securus Crime Prevention Strategies


– Prevent telecommunications abuse

– Stop inmate gambling

– Eliminate contraband

– Stop money transfers

– Eliminate inmate cellphone use

– Additional facility monitoring

– and more…


Their crime prevention program has caused other big name corporations to follow suit. They have created a program that ensures their customers get every minute allotted under their service agreement. Securus is committed to ensuring the safety of the general public with affordable rates keeping you connected to the ones you love or friends in a correctional facility.


Who Is Securus Technologies


Securus is proud to say they got their start as an inmate regulation provider appointed by your local Public Utility Commission. They were quickly able to become an inmate provider and lead the industry with highly preferred features and services. Smith proudly oversees 35,000+ highly trained IT professionals and have expanded their international network. Customers continue to reach out to their network when they want to talk more and spend far less. You’re invited to visit the interactive Securus Technologies website for more details on their features, services, and promotional offers for first-time customers today.