Susan McGalla Breaks Through the Glass Ceiling

Susan McGalla, businesswoman, has proven to herself and the world that women can do anything men can do. Growing up, she had two brothers and a father that was a football coach. Her perseverance started at an early age because of this. McGalla has held multiple executive positions and even founded a company called P3 Executive Consulting. Currently, she is Vice President of a company in charge of encouraging fans to buy Pittsburgh Steelers gear. She has earned a high ranked position in the company that offered the opportunity to her.

As a whole, men tend to fill the executive roles at companies due to the glass ceiling problem. Women need to be supportive of other women in the business field in order to overcome this obstacle. Statistics have shown that businesses with gender diversity outperform other companies by 15% because it is believed they consider new ideas.

A solution to the gender discrimination in organizations is to create a sponsor as an advocate for women. The sponsor would support women while they are making executive decisions and recommend women for leadership roles. Opportunities like this allow women to prove themselves and move up in companies like Susan McGalla. Incentives would be given to sponsors in order to motivate them to invest in women in leadership roles.

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