Waiakea Water Is From A Volcano

There is a myth that the Western countries have great water, and that people don’t get sick from drinking the water. Countries like Mexico have a reputation for having “bad water” that makes people diarrhea themselves. This isn’t going to happen to you in America, but in some locales the water will give you cancer over the course of many years. If people get cancer from water, one must beg the question of whether the water is really that great. The low quality doesn’t immediately show up in the form of a sickness that eventually passes; it shows up in the long term as terminal illness.

The tainting of water is the result of many different phenomena. For example, pollution from dumping is a frequent reason for why water becomes dirty. Dumping is sometimes done legally, though it is also done illegally and under the radar. Sometimes, there are accidental leaks of chemicals and poisonous substances from factories and laboratories. Water can also be toxic from chemicals that leach out of water pipes into water. This is common with lead pipes

For how much the water is hyped in the Western world, people should not be getting cancer. There is a question of where the water is clean and where it isn’t clean. It is quite unfortunate that not every water source is pure, anymore. Before you live anywhere, you have to do your research about the land and whether or not the place is polluted.

If there is a pure water source, it is the water source that Waiakea water gets its water from. The water it taken from property in Hawaii. The water is made special by the fact that it is run through the soils and rocks of Mona Lua, a volcano. The water goes through a natural process of alkalinization as it is exposed to the rocks. It is unbelievable how nature can be so great as to provide water like this.