Talk Fusion Can Change Lives

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina is aiming to helping people and changing their lives through the use of technology.

The company has been operating since 2007 and has been about building futures for people, making their dreams come true and improving and giving back to the people and their communities worldwide. Reina believes that all of this is part of the company’s culture and enough though they do a lot, he feels that there can always be more.

A prime of example of Reina himself doing more came in the form of his donation of $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, a record breaking number at the time. He has also spent time saving a large number of animals from hostile situations and has even donated to an Indonesian orphanage to improve upon it. Because of his work, he has been able to change lives through his company in more than 140 countries worldwide.

Reina has gone even further in wanting to help out the world with nonprofit groups by launching a new program that will allow all associates from Talk Fusion to take a free account and donate it to any charity of their own choosing. The free account is a part of the company’s new Custom Monthly Plan, which lets its users have access to key features such as branding, a thorough customization, and being able to use Talk Fusion’s big products like video email, video newsletters, video chat and live streaming meetings and events.

Simply put, Reina’s goal for Talk Fusion has always been to help out nonprofit groups across the world and let them reach people and improve communities in ways that couldn’t have happened before. Reina has been devoting himself to this cause for many years now and as such, knowing how to use innovative video technology to connect with people and broaden their horizons and reach their goals has proven effective, and as a result, changed the lives of many hundreds if not thousands of people.

Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina’s Mission to Change Lives