The Academy of Art University: Helping Students Affect Global Culture

There’s more attention being paid to the Academy of Art University because of the general interest that many of their alumni are drawing to themselves. One of the most famous alarm at this time is going to be Jan Philip Cramer. By contrast to his fellow students, the work that Cramer is doing is at the top of his field. He graduated with a degree in animation and now serves as the head of the animation department for the company Digital Domain. This work has helped him secure a position as a supervisor on the exceptional movie Avengers: Infinity War. This is his most famous project to date and the one of which he has the most authority, acting as a supervisor. With such extreme amount of success Cramer has been sure to credit the Academy of Art University for their unique level of education that helps him define himself as the professional, he is today.

The Academy of Art University has been around for many years having been founded in 1929. The original intent of the art University was to draw students in and give them an arts education. People came from all over the country to obtain education and acting, art, directing, and other mediums of creative expression. They started with less than 2000 students at the beginning of their growth. And now have expanded to more than 12,000. This exponential growth has allowed them to touch countless lives and provide an exceptional background for students to obtain degrees in subjects that they have displayed an enormous amount of passion in.

Professionals like Cramer help inspire students to push for the things that they want. There are students within the Academy of Art University who want to be directors and animators. They want to redefine their field and maybe create their own type of art. They are the most creative in society and help contribute to the overall aesthetic beauty that is rampant throughout society. The work that they continue to do in the University will contribute to the future. Graduates will hopefully be credited with contributing exceptional work to the global culture.