To the Gym or the Theater? You’re Dressed for Both!

Athleisure clothing is on the rise, and big name news sources, like CBS News at, are beginning to take notice. Describing how casual Friday has actually become a daily thing, the news source described how Americans and their constant need to be comfortable have allowed the clothing type to skyrocket in popularity. Offering slight insight of Fabletics as to the greater good this clothing actually contributes to has truly sparked reader’s attention, and their desire to learn more.

In hindsight, this style of clothing from Fabletics is not an attempt to abolish dressy occasions, but to instead eliminate the disdain most Americans feel for needing to get dolled up, and partake in a night spent in discomfort. Athleisure wear of Fabletics offers the ability to look like you did not just roll out of bed, but actually invested some effort in your appearance. The bonus for you is that you do not have to constantly adjust your attire in the hopes that it will magically become more comfortable. It is comfortable, and you look wonderful in it!

Leading the industry for this groundbreaking clothing is Fabletics by Kate Hudson. Swimsuits, leggings, vibrant tank tops, and even athletic dresses compose the line, and women cannot get enough of the new releases. Ultimately inspiring a healthy, mobile lifestyle for women contributes to a healthy mentality that also leaves you feeling fierce. Step away from the mirror, beautiful, and head to the gym, or out on the town–whichever you prefer!