Upwork Has Stepped Into The Light

Upwork is an online organization that allows companies and individuals to find freelancers for a variety of jobs. One of the most fluent jobs on Upwork is writing jobs, but there are also jobs for music, digital design, arts and crafts, and so much more. This organization began in 2014 with just a couple hundred jobs available. Today, there are a couple hundred jobs available every single hour.

Out of all the money that is disbursed to writers, which is approximately one-billion a year, Upwork receives approximately 10-15% of it. Upwork does not wish to take any more money than that because they want this online platform to be all about people and their families. Instead of writers and creative designers using Upwork to make an extra $300 a month, Upwork hopes these creative individuals will one day be able to make Upwork a full-time job. This is why Upwork wants employers on using their services to pay more to creative individuals, pay more frequently, and make it easier in general to receive payment.

Upwork has recently gone from being a private company to a public company because they have just released an IPO. This IPO offers stock in Upwork for approximately $11 a share. Upwork is offering about fifteen million dollars of their business as a stock that can be purchased, but this number is expected to reach sixty million or higher in the next 24 months. There are companies that have already paid over thirty million dollars to Upwork in anticipation of their IPO growing in the very near future.

Whether you are an employer or a creative professional, you can become a member of Upwork today by going to the main website and filling out an application. It is possible that you will be up and running in as little as a few hours, at the most 24 hours.